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What is storage device and types of it?

What is storage device

What is storage device?

What is a storage device this question might have come to your mind sometimes but there is very little information available on the internet. For this reason, many people don’t know that what is storage devices and their types. We definitely would understand by its name that It is used to digitally store data or information.

It is also known as digital media, storage media, storage medium, or storage device. This is a type of hardware device which stores data or information digitally even permanently or temporarily. The main objective of it is storing data.

If we talk about computers, then these data storage are at such places that store the data in electromagnetic and optical form so that it can be accessed when it is needed.

As we already stated above that data storage device is called, which stores data or information as needed temporarily or permanently. It stores data digitally.

There are two types of storage devices which is used in computer:-

1. Primary storage device

2. Secondary storage device

If we talk about primary storage devices then it has temporary.  With this, it has limited memory. For instance, RAM

If we think about secondary storage device then it has permanent memory and with this, it can save larger amounts of data. For example. Hard drive

Secondary storage devices are usually more used because the memory of primary storage is temporary and limited. As soon as the computer is turned off, all the data which is in primary storage have been deleted or erased automatically.  The best thing about secondary storage is that it can be removed or can be used internally or externally.

There are two types of local storage:

1. External Hard drive:-

It is similar to those hard drives which are installed on your computer or laptop. The big difference in it is that you can plug it in the computer or you can remove it or you can keep it separated from the main computer. It is sold mainly in two sizes.

Desktop external hard drive:-

It is around 3.5 inches and it is used on desktop computers.

Portable external hard drive:-

Desktop external hard drives are cheap in comparison to the portable external hard drive on the basis of storage space. Along with it, It is more faster and robust than portable external hard drives. Its capacity is 160GB to up to 3TB approx 3000GB. It connects computer By USB 2.0 or 3.0 connection. It is also available in SATA and eSATA connector.


1. It is the best option for local backups where is large amounts of data exist.

2 . It is a cheaper option if we talk about dollars per GB then.

3.  Along with it, it is also reliable, if it is used in a better way.


1.  that is very delicate. It can be easily damaged, if it is fallen from somewhere or electricity voltage increases or decreases.

2. Solid State Drive(SSD):-

It is similar in looking and doing work like traditional mechanical /magnetic hard drives. But it is fully different from internally.

It does not have any moving or rotating parts. It depends solely on semiconductors and electronics for data storage which makes it more reliable and robust than traditional magnetic hard drives.

It works faster and uses very few powers in comparison to traditional hard drives due to not have moved.

As we know that the price of solid-state drive is decreasing day by day. Because of its lower power usage,  SSD’s is used in laptops and mobile devices in large quantities nowadays. With this, External SSD’s are also a good option for data backups.

Capacity  : 64 to 256GB

Connections : 2.0/3.0 USB and SATA


1.  it reads and writes very fast.

2.  it is more robust and reliable in comparison to traditional magnetic hard drives.

3.  it is highly portable because it can be moved from one place to another easily.


1. it is more expensive in comparison to traditional hard drives.

2. there is very low storage space in the comparison of traditional magnetic hard drives.

3. Network Attached Storage:-

If we talk about NSA then it is simply one or more than one regular ID and SATA hard drives that are plugged into an array storage enclosure and connected to a network router or hub with an Ethernet port. Through this.

Some NAS enclosures have ventilating fans that provide protection against hard drives from overheating.


1. this is a very good option for small back up mostly for networks and small businesses.

2.  because there are many hard drives that can be plugged into this, therefore, NSA can store a huge amount of data.

3. it is implemented with Redundancy(RAID), from which, its reliability, read, and write performances will increase . even if you have used any RAID level, NAS can function even if the hard drive fails in RAID.

There are two hard drive can be set up with which it can double the reading and writing speed of the single hard drive.

4.  Here drive it stayed connected to the network every time and it's available along with. Which makes a good option for NSA  to implement automated scheduled backups.


1. it is much more expensive than single external hard drives.

2. it is not portable so it makes the problem to take it somewhere. There is always the risk of theft,  fire, and floods.

4. USB thumb drive or Flash drive:-

These are very similar to Solid-state drives, except their size and capacity is only small.  Because of not having any moving parts it makes robust to that.

It is very portable so that it can be fitted with any key chain. This is most ideal for those who want to back up data in a small amount.  It is taken to from here to there.

Capacity: 4GB And 64Gb


1. this is a very good option. It can be kept in a very small place which makes it more portable.

2. these are very robust in comparison to traditional magnetic hard drives.


1.  it is relatively more expensive as per GB therefore it is used for only storing less data.

5. Optical Drive (CD/DVD):-

CDs and DVDs are ideal options in order to store songs, movies, media, or software that you can use to distribute or give to your friends, as it is of very low cost per disk. These can never be a better option for backups because it has very shortened lifespan,  less storage space, and slower read and write speeds.


CD = 650MB to 900MB

DVD = 4.70 GB to 17.08 GB


1.It is available at a very cheap price per disk.


1. It has a very less life span in comparison of other storage options.

2.  with this, it is not reliable like other storage options such as external hard disk and SSD. Once it gets damaged, it cannot be used again for backups.

Remote Storage options:

6. Clouds storage space:-

Cloud storage is a type of data storage that is used in the commercial data center and it can be operated with any computer that has internet access. It is usually provided by the service provider. Limited storage space is provided for free, for getting more space you can have to give pay subscription fees.


1. this is the very best off side backup. It cannot be affected by any outside reasons such as theft, floods, and fire.


1. it is very expensive in comparison to traditional external hard drives. Generally, you have to take a subscription to get more space.

2. in this, one internet connection is required to access cloud storage.

3. these are very slow in comparison to other backups.


These are the types of storage spaces and what is storage space. If you have any questions or suggestions comment below we will get back to you shortly. thank you for reading my article.