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What is Operating System and How does it work?


What is Operating System

Do you know what is an operating system? If you don’t know, I m here to tell you about this today. Like we know that we are human and human has the heart. In this, do you know how does this heart work? you may not know.

I mean to say that just as we humans have heart, computers also have a heart. It is called an operating system(OS) of the computer in technical language. Whenever you use a mobile or computer, you are speaking android, windows, etc. these all names are of operating systems. Sometimes android oreo, sometimes android pie,  if we talk about windows then windows 10, windows 8, etc.

But everyone has some  knowledge of all these things, but no one knows that what is the work of the operating system means the heart of the computer.I would like to tell you something about this topic. So, let's start.


What is Operating System?


The operating system is also called operating software. It is known as “OS” in the small name. it is also called the heart of the computer. The operating system is system software that works as an interface between the user means you and computer hardware. I directly explain it to you, whenever you run a computer, then os gives you the ways of using it. For example, as you listen to music, do double click on a word document, sitting after opening two their windows in the computer, write something on the keyboard, you can never do anything from this without the help of the operating system.

So this is the software of Operating System, you run the computer with the help of it. therefore, whenever you purchase a new computer, first of all, you will get the shopkeeper to load windows 8 or windows 10 and after that, you will take the computer to your house. Otherwise, You can not even on your computer without the Operating system.

This also a question that why is it called system software? If you want to run user software means application software, you can never run it without the operating system. Operating System helps computer hardware to run rightly. The operating system mainly does the same things as takes input from the keyboard, processes instruction,  and sends output to the computer screen.


You see the operating system only when you turn on the computer and when you turn off the computer. There is much software that stays inside the computer such as Game, MS Word, Adobe Reader, Photoshop, Etc. to run that all software we need a big software or program which is known as the operating system.

We all know about android, which is used in a mobile phone. Now you may have understood that what is an operating system? Lets some more thing about it.


List Of Operating Systems:-

Different kind of operating system is used to do a different kind of work. So, I will share the list of the operating system which is mostly used.

1. Microsoft Windows.

2. Android.

3. Apple IOS.

4. Apple MacOs.

5. Kali Linux.


Work Of Operating Systems:-

Generally, an operating system does many works, but first of all, when you turn on your computer, the operating system loads first inside main memory means RAM and after that, it allocates which hardware is required to user software. I have given below works of the operating system.


1. Memory Management:-

The meaning of memory management is to load primary and secondary memory. Main memory means RAM. There are many types of small blocks in memory, where we can keep some data. Where there is the address of every block. Main memory is fastest running memory which is used by CPU Direct. Because CPU runs as many programs, all is in main memory.


Operating System Does this all Work:-

      Which part of main memory will be used, which will not be used, how much will be used, how much will not be used.

      The operating system decides which process will be given money and how much will be given to whom.

 ⇒When process asks memory, operating system gives memory to that process( the meaning of process is a task or small work which happens inside the computer.).

  When process is ended, operating system takes back its memory.



2. Process Management:-

The operating system decides when talking about a multiprogramming environment which process will get a processor, which will not get, and for how much time will get a processor. This process is spoken as a process scheduling. The operating system makes this all work.


·   The operating system also sees that the processor is empty or doing some work,  it is free and the processor has ended its work or not. If you want you can see inside the task manager that how many tasks are running and how many are not. The program which makes to do this all work, which is named the traffic controller.

·   CPU allocates process.


·  When the work of process is over,  it puts the processor in other work, and if nothing has done, frees the processor.


3. Device Management:-

If you use a driver in the computer,  then you will know that such as sound driver, Bluetooth driver, Graphics driver, WiFi Driver but it helps to run different drivers. But it is run by an operating system.

·    It tracks all computer devices and it has to do this task the name of that program is I/O controller.

·   As every different process requires the device to do some task, the work of allocating is also done by the operating system. For example,  one process is going to perform some task such as playing video, taking print out, then this both task will be done through task output device monitor and printer. When this both device has to deliver the process this work is done by the operating system.

·  When the work of the process is over,  it deallocates the device back.



4.  File Management:-

Organizing all the directories in the file is very much done. Because we can find data easily when needed. Then let's know what is the work of the operating system in file management.

 Organizes information, location, and status. This all is done by the file system.

Who will get which resource?

  Deallocates resource.



5. Security:-

When you turn on your computer, it asks you for a password, which means that the operating system stops your system from unauthenticated access. Your computer is protected by this.  And you are not able to open some programs without a password.


6. Seeing System Performance:-

It sees the performance of computers and improves the computer.  It keeps a record of how much time is taken to give service by the operating system.


7. Telling Error:-

If any errors are coming in the system, the operating system detects these and recovers.


8.  Making synergy between software and user:-

 compiler assigns tasks to the interpreter and assembler. Connects different software with users, from which the user uses software nicely.

 Provides communication between user and system.

 The operating system stays stored in bios. And also it makes all application users friendly.


Features of Operating Systems:-

 An operating system is a collection of many programs, which run other programs.

It controls all output devices.

The responsibility of running all application software is of the operating system.

The work of process scheduling means allocating process or deallocate.

Gives information about occurring errors and threats.

 Establishes good synergy between user and computer programs.


Types of operating systems.


1. Batch Processing Operating Systems:-

Batch processing operating system brought to remove the problem of the earlier era. If we tell about systems of before it was taking much set up time. therefore this type of operating system is called a batch processing operating system.

In this, any similar job is submitted to CPU. That is run together for processing.


2. Network operating system:-

The abbreviation of it is NOS. the full form of NOS is a “network operating system”. This network operating system provides services to that computer, which is connected to the network.  Example of it is shared file access, shared file application, and printing capabilities.


3.  Multi-process System:-

There are many processors that use a common physical memory in the multi process system. Computer power is much faster. These processors work under an operating system.


4. Distributed operating system:-

The one reason for using a distributed operating system is the world has a powerful OS and microprocessors have become much cheaper along with that communication system is also somewhat improved. Because of this advancement distributed operating system is made, its price is also cheaper.


5. Time Sharing Operating System:-

In that, some time is given by the operating system to complete every work nicely, from which every task can be completed nicely. Every user uses a single system in this,   from which time is given to the CPU. This type of system is also called a multi-tasking system.


6. Real-Time Operating System:-

This is the most advanced operating system,  it does real-time process which means at the time of launching missile, railway ticket booking, satellite, if we do late for even one minute, everything would be wasted. So, this type of operating system is not idle to use.


Thank you for reading my article if you have any question or suggestion comment, we will get back to you shortly.