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What is Anchor text and how much it is important for SEO?


What is Anchor text and how much it is important for SEO?

You must have heard about SEO. SEO means search engine optimization and it is for ranking websites in search engines like google bing and yahoo etc. SEO is a technique by using it we rank our website in search engines.

There are a lot of parts of SEO but we can divide it into two parts 1. On-page SEO and 2. Off-page SEO.  Now on-page and off-page SEO is can be also divided into many parts.

Anchor text is linked with on page seo in Search engine optimization. Usually, people give very little importance to anchor text when doing seo. But anchor text is also important to rank a website in search engines like others do. Let's know about anchor text

What is anchor text?

Anchor text is very important to do perfect seo optimization. When you go to read a post on any website, you will see some clickable text. when you click on it, you will be redirected to another website or page it is called anchor text.

Whenever you are reading any post on your computer, you will see that sometimes the cursor of your computer will be turned into a hand icon when you click on it. it will redirect you to another post or website. It is the work of anchor text.


Why anchor text is important?

Anchor text is the most important factor to rank a website therefore it plays a big role in link building. It has a direct impact on the website’s organic traffic, increment in organic traffic of the website can also be seen.


Types of anchor text:-

There are many types of anchor text. It is used as link building or backlinks therefore rank of the website increases in search engines like google. If you choose a keyword and will use it with anchor text, it will improve the ranking of your website.

Many times search engines penalize websites for not doing link building very well. In order to save from that penalty, let's learn how to use anchor text rightly.

1. Generic Anchor Texts:-

Generic word is used in this category. The generic word means any general or common word. Generic anchor text does not make any profit in most cases. It also does not do any types of help to rank a website. Generic anchor text examples are such as Click here, Read More, and Go to this website, etc.

2. Branded Anchor texts:-

If the name of any text is any brand it will come in the category of branded anchor text. The brand is directly used in the branded anchor text. For example, whenever we post a link of  Flipkart on our website, we will keep the name of the title is also Flipkart. Then it will become branded anchor text. It also does not help you to increase the ranking of your website so use it very less.

3.  Naked Anchor Texts:-

This type of anchor text comes in the general category of anchor text. Whenever we directly write the name of any website or any webpage in our post, is known as naked anchor text. For example, we have given the link of in our article of website, also given the title of link is and using it in our website named then is naked anchor text in this.

4. image Anchors:-

You may have seen many times that whenever you click on any image of some website, it will take you to another website. This method is used by many bloggers to refer to image blog or something else. When you insert image anchor and whenever you click on that image you will be redirected to that website. It can also help you to rank your website in search engines if you insert atl attribute in your website.


5. Partial Match Anchor Text:-

Some part of anchor text is used in this type of anchor. Whenever anchor text has used some part of the keyword is used in it. for example, I want to insert the keyword “ Advantages of meditation”  so we can make partial matching text such as “ best advantages of doing meditation”. I have used a partial keyword in this example. This type of keyword is necessary to link building and to rank a website.


6. Exact Match Anchor Text:-

This is the most used anchor text because it is very helpful to rank a website in search engines. If your targeted keyword is “advantages of meditation” if we use it as same as “advantages of meditation”. it called exact match anchor text. But don’t use to many of these types of keywords because it may penalize your website for using it.



Some people begin using anchor text here and there without the knowledge of anchor text. This can also be harmful for your website. Save using from such an anchor. You should keep your anchor text relevant according to its content. The more your article is relevant to your targeted keyword, the more ranking you will gain.


Don’t link your website with any time of spam website link building, it may hurt your ranking of your website. There many benefits of using anchor text on your website. If you have learned properly, you can bring your website in a good ranking in search engines.


Thank you, friends, for reading my article, if you have any questions or suggestions regarding this topic comment below. We will get back to you shortly.