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What is Algorithm and how to learn it?


What is Algorithm and how to learn it?

As soon as we get up, we go on work every day. We follow some steps from starting to the end. Every work is like a problem for us and we do work to solve the problem. We follow some steps to bring a solution. For example “you want to make tea “  we required to follow some particular steps to complete this work. As you are making chapattis, you will also be required to follow particular steps. There are steps given below to make tea.

1. First put water in a vessel and heat it.

2. Add tea leaf water and milk.

3. Wait till the tea boils.

4. Stop the gas and spent the tea.

5. Tea is ready now you can drink it.


What is Algorithm and how to learn it?

We can call this example of the algorithm given above.  Because this is in steps.  If you do any changes in these steps, tea will not be made. It can become something else. You must have had a little idea of what is algorithm by now.  You may be thinking that “ how does it work on the computer”.

Computer programs are written in order to perform certain tasks on the computer. There are a lot of steps is written on the computer. That step is executed and finished by the computer. When you tell the computer to do some work, then you must have thought that how does the computer do this work. We use a computer algorithm for this.


What is Algorithm?

The algorithm is a step by step process or a formula. Which solves the problem. This is a procedure that has limited rules and also known as instructions. The rules are written one after another and the steps show some and some operations. Solutions to the problem come out through these rules.

If we say in other words, the algorithm is a step by step process to solve any problem or getting a solution of any problem. Now let's understand it in more easy language.  There are some steps in the algorithm, every step shows an operation.

One step starts and there is one step at last which finishes and there are many steps that do different work in between these two steps. Like, making rice is your problem. Now let's write some steps to finish this work. First wash rice, boil water, and put rice in it. wait till rice boils. Now rice will be prepared in 15 minutes. Now here every step performs some operation. Like, washing rice means adding water to raw rice after washing rice. Such as every step has different operations. here We have divided the problem into small steps. This is what you had to understand.


Importance of the algorithm:-

Uses of the algorithm are everywhere. Like you can sort out your daily problems through this step by step process. This is mostly used in the IT industry, business model, programming. Now, let's know about the uses of it step by step.

1. Algorithm is written before writing the program in computer programming. If you are a student of MCA, Computer Sc or IT, then you are to write programs such as check whether the number is prime or not? If you start writing this program without thinking, you can see many errors. You can make that errorless. If you make the algorithm first.

2. Algorithm is written before writing flowchart otherwise the possibility of making mistake increase.

3. Computer scientist and software engineer uses it. because it reduces their time and dignity. For example, one company wants to develop an app for SBI. Now, this a problem for software engineer, the solution of it will be done by writing step by step process. If any problem or mistake happens, we will also get a solution there. Which makes it easy to develop an application.


Characteristics of algorithm:-

You must know that algorithm is a step-by-step procedure.  Which makes it clear that steps will be executed in which order we can get the desired output.  The algorithm is analyzed by two factors. Such as time and space.

Time tells us that how much time will be taken to write an algorithm and space helps us to know that in how little time we can write. Now let's talk about its characteristics.

1. Unambiguous:-

Whatever algorithm you write, it is very necessary that it should be clear and sound. Every step or line should have meaning.

2. Finiteness:-

Every algorithm should be ended under limited steps. And every step should be finited means repeated limited. The execution of steps should also be in a limited time. Every step has some meaning.

3. input:-

Every algorithm must-have steps more than O or O.

4. Output:-

As every algorithm has input steps, as like algorithm should also, have output steps.

5. Effectiveness:-

Effectiveness is estimated from space and time. If the algorithm is written in less time and space. Or it is executed in less time and it runs in less time which is called the effectiveness.


How to write algorithm? 

It is very easy to write and you do not need to learn much. You have remembered that we had taken an example where how tea is made.  In the same way, you are going to write step by step.  Algorithm is much important in programming. You can write it directly or you can write after using some rules.



I always try to provide good information with good examples with which you can learn easily. I hope that you have understood what is an algorithm and how to write an algorithm?



Thank you for reading my article if you have any questions or suggestions comment below, we will give the answer as soon as possible.