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how to create free blog and make money?

how to create free blog and make money?

If you know about making money from the internet then you must have heard about making website and earning money. Internet is the world's biggest and best invention.  When you need to take information about anything or you need a solution to anything you will search for it on google without thinking. There you will get all solutions regarding your question. This not exaggeration about telling that no one can provide the best knowledge like the internet does.

but do you think that we search for information or knowledge in google from where it comes?  That all information is given by blogs or websites.  Google just stores all data of that website or blogs in their database and shows it in search results.


What is blog?

The concept of a blog is fully different from a website. The blog is the way of knowledge. Suppose that you have a company and you make some products. you made a website for that. But the blog helps to promote your product across the world. Details of products shared through the blog. Therefore blogging is popular. When you search for anything in google  most of results come of blog.

How to create blog in 2020?

free blog means you have not to spend any money. if you wanna learn blogging, you should begin from free blog. when you understand deep that how it works, you can invest after. there are two platforms to make free blog blogger and Wordpress. now lets start how to create free blog in blogger?.


How to make a free blog in blogger?

Blogger is the product of Google so there is no need to create an account in it. if you already have a Gmail account you can access it through a Gmail account.

1.  Open any browser on the computer then open

2.  Login with your Gmail id or password if you have already login with your Gmail id in that webbrowser it may not ask you to log in.

3.  After logging in, you will see the option named “create new blog”  Click that button.

4.  You will need to create the name of the blog, then click on “next”

5.  Now you will be required to give the address of the blog, it must be unique if it will not unique then you will get an option like “ this blog address is not available”. Then click on next

6.  You will be required to give display name, you also can select blog name which you have given before.


Now your blog is ready to use and you will get the blog address that you have given at the time of creating the blog.  It will also add subdomain with an address if you want to remove you can purchase a custom domain from another website.



I hope you have understood how to make a blog.  It is very easy just you will need to follow some steps. Then you can start publishing your own articles in your blog first do proper research on the topic you want to write the article. You will be required to write unique and interesting articles to rank your blog on google and other search engines.


Thank you, friends, for reading my article if you have any questions or suggestions regarding this topic comment below we will get back to you shortly.