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what is share market and how to invest in?

what is share market and how to invest in?

Today we are going to take some information about share market. Who doesn’t want to earn money in this world? Money is very important to satisfy our needs.

If we have money, we can complete our dreams and our dream become without money. Therefore every people gives much importance to money because if we have money we have all things like relatives, house, and friends, etc.

There are a lot of ways to earn money some earn by doing the job and some earn by doing business and also some people earn a lot of money by investing in on share market with high risk. 

But where they are investing their money? which is the place where they are investing money with high risk and making a profit. Which is the share market. Now let’s learn about what is share market?

What is the share market?

Share market means where shares of companies are being purchased or sold. It is the place where peoples earn a lot of money or lose their all money. Buying a share of a company means being a partner of that company.

As much as money you invest in the company, you will become the partner of that company in percentage that you have invested in. it means if the company makes a profit in the future you will get profit as you invested, and if the company loses. You will also make a loss.

It is also easy to lose money from share the market as easy as earning money from the share market because ups and downs are happening in the share market.

When should we buy money from the share market?

First, you need to be experienced in this line that when and how you need to invest money and also in which company you need to invest.

Invest money after taking all this information. You can read newspapers related to the share market such as economic times.

Share market is too risky you should invest money here only when you have a good financial condition so that even if you make a loss from it doesn’t make any difference for you. Or also you can start by investing a little money because if you make a loss it doesn’t make any difference. Steadily, when you become experienced, you can start investing more money.

Take the information about the company where you want to invest money because there are a lot of frauds happening in this field. Sometimes it also happens that some companies are fraud when you invest money in that company they will run away after taking money.

And then all money you have invested will be lost. Therefore check the background details of any company before buying their shares.

How to invest money in the share market?

You will need to create a Demat account before buying shares from the share market. There are two ways of it. the first way is you can go to a broker to open a Demat account and the second way is you can go to the bank to open a Demat account.

The money of share will be kept on Demat account, as we keep our money in the bank. If you are investing in the share market it is very important to have a Demat account. Because when the company makes a profit it will go on your Demat account, not in the bank account and your Demat account will be linked with your bank account so that when you want to transfer money to your bank account you can transfer it.

It is very important to have a savings account in any bank before opening a Demat account and also it is necessary to have a pan card copy and address proof. If you open your Demat account with a broker it will be good for you because he can suggest you good company for investing money.


Everyone wants to be rich quickly therefore they were searching for this type of easy and quick ways probably. Which makes them rich in a short time and bring happiness to their lives. In such time, everyone thinks that the share market is such a technique that can help them to make millions of dollars.

Therefore they are in search of share market tips which can make them rich early. Now I will tell you that before investing share market first do proper planning then start investing money.

Thank you for reading my article if you have any question regarding this you can comment below we will get back to you shortly.