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What is 6G and how will it be better than 5G?

You may have not heard about 6G. you may be waiting for 5G and it will come to Our country. At this time there are many countries who are using 5G. but Many of the countries doesn’t have a 5G network so it is too much to talk about 6G. Many researchers started researching it and they expect that in 10 yeards 6G Will also be in front of us.

6G wireless technology which has been developed to a great extent. It means Anything which is not working in 5G will also work in 6G. there is very little information available on the internet but for you, I have researched a lot and Collect much information about it. If you are interested to learn about future Work means what is 6G and can it be work better than 6G then let us start the Article.

What is 6G technology?

The planning into the network will be embedded by itself. It means that the Network will be fully aware of how it is being used. Users can use it in right Particular moment. It can also reconfigure its own resources as per need. There is no problem in doing any work because it is also able to tell the need for more resources as per need.

6G Network will have to become an autonomous system to do this.6G is going To be a reality by 2030. 6G network speed will be around 400GB/s.

Are you ready for the upcoming 6G network?

It may be a bit awkward but one research group is working to replace 5G. 6G wireless network which is based on terahertz will be available on the Next coming 10 years. They will finance 8 Years research program which was also the university ollu in the patronaz center of wireless Communication

This had been announced by the Academy of Finland.

The research program will solely of development and conceptualization Of 6G.Ollu is a city in northern Finland with a major hub for the development of 5G. now you will able to imagine how it is important for 5G and other communication technologies.

Every 10 years, a new mobile generation is available which has been written in the newspaper of this program. So in 2030, we will able to see 6G commercially, and also it is going to fulfill all things which will not be completed in 5G.

the initial development plans of the 6G wireless network have been started which had heard in for converged terahertz communications and sensing said that they were investigating themselves above the new radio technologies which can give the full size of 6G.

What is Terahertz Frequency?

According to comsenter Scientist ” high frequencies the range of  which is between 100GHZ to 1THZ(TeraHertz) which are called Terahertz frequency.” Terahertz frequency will give 100GBps speed in 6G. and ComSenTer is a group Of scientists who are the best scientist in the world has been brought together.

We will come to know in the coming time about the right usage of 6G. even that Day is not far when we all will be like real sci-fi movies. These will not only be The imagination but will be transformed into reality. Terahertz radiofrequency is the destiny of the communication network.

Thank you for reading my article if you have any question or suggestion regarding this topic comment below we will get back to you as soon as possible.