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5 easiest way to earn money from the blog


5 easiest way to earn money from the blog

When we begin blogging, we do not know how to make money from the blog.  Steadily We depend upon one or two ways to make money after getting to know about it. And after, you never pay attention to the remaining ways of earning money.


Have you ever thought that if anyways is closed for some reason or its popularity starts to decrease .what will you do then?


It is better to have one or more income streams. It will give you financial security and if your income of any of your streams is decreased, you can depend on another way of earning.


One of the most general reason for people who is not able to earn money from their blog is to try a new network or medium. If it is a mass email then ignore it but if it is a direct email for an advertisement proposal, then replay that email fastly.


Now, let’s discuss some new ways of earning money from your blog.


1. Google Adsense:-

I told you about AdSense first, because it is one of the best networks for advertisers to use and also the best way to earn money from the blog. Now, Let me tell you how to use Adsense.


First, apply in Adsense with your blog. If you don’t know how to apply for Adsense search it on google.When you get approval in Adsense place its ads in your blog. Now whenever visit or click on that ad, you will earn money from it.


You will get money according to your blog’s niche. You can earn from a few to 100$.  Google AdSense does not allow you to show any of your earning to anyone on online.


2. Affiliate Marketing:-

advertising of other’s products on our blog and selling to their products is called affiliate marketing. If you get succeed on selling their products,  you will get commission.


Generally, it can be between 20% to 50%.  For this, You will have to join their an affiliate program where you will get an affiliate link of their products which you can put anywhere on your blog.


There are some ways which will help you to earn money from affiliate marketing.  

    1.  You can add text or picture in the sidebar of your blog for that people can click on them.

    2. You can add the affiliate link of products in your blog post, where you are promoting or recommend.



By doing this, you can earn a lot of money from it. Affiliate marketing is one of the best ways to earn money from the blog.


3. Email List Building:-

If there is a signup box in your blog, you must have done many organic sign-ups by doing this. You will get targeted traffic.


One advantage of this type of mailing list is the people whom you are mailing,  you will know about their interest. You will also know that in which part of your blog they are interested in. this gives you an advantage you will get very good conversions on your sales efforts.


For example, you may have seen that at the time of signing up some bloggers give the free ebook to their visitor. Then they got your email address and the blogger can add their affiliate links to that book so that there are so many chances to get conversions from it.


4. Blog Sponsors:-

When you think that your blog is performing well and getting very good traffic. So you can think about offering advertising space to the private advertiser.


By that way, you will have a good way to stable your income and your control in this method will be high.


When your the blog will have good traffic,  people will come possess to you for advertising and then you will not need to promote it much.


5. Paid Reviews:-

This method is best for them who are already getting good traffic. In this,  you can do a review of the products of any company and can earn money.


There are some ethical issues in it. Sometimes, bloggers start promoting products in that they are also not believing themselves and not using themselves. Doing so is cheating your readers.


These are the best ways to earn money from the blog. Thank you for reading my article if you have any question regarding this topic, you can comment below we will get back to you shortly.



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