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What is seo and types of seo?

What is seo

Hello, friends today we are going to learn what is SEO and types of SEO. I already have given every information about what is SEO in my previous article. So now let's start types of SEO? There are two types of SEO 1. On-page SEO and 2 off-page SEO.

1. What is on-page SEO?
The main work of on-page SEO is on your website adding titles and descriptions and keywords of your articles on your website are called on-page SEO. By adding titles and descriptions relevant to your article you can easily do on-page SEO and on-page SEO is easy to do first you need to start with it.

2. How to do on-page SEO?
For doing on-page SEO you need to do just simple steps when you write your articles you have to add your main keyword at least 3 times in starting after that stop using the main keyword.

= Then do your second keyword which is called the H2 tag you will find options in your blog dashboard panel add the h2 tag click there and select any second main keyword.

= Now your next process is to add images in your website when you add the image you will need to add your main keyword in your image, in that case, you will have to add alt tag manually after.

= Use H3 and H4 tags in your last paragraph and then do internal linking of your other articles it means when you write articles to add some of your other articles link in your present article which is called internal linking.

3. What is off-page SEO?
Off-page SEO means promoting your article link in social media and other high-quality websites when you do this process if your article will not rank in google even you can get traffic from these social media or other websites and this whole process is called off-page SEO. It will also help you to increase your website domain authority.

- Why SEO is important and advantages of SEO?
Seo is important if you want to drive traffic on your website. Only doing SEO is the way to rank your article on google. Search engines like google, yahoo have special types of technology by doing this they can scan your website. If they don’t find good SEO on your website they don’t give your website a chance to rank in their search engines. Make sure that It will be ok if you don’t do on-page SEO but if you don’t to off-page SEO your article can never rank in google.

Therefore SEO is most important for your website for driving organic traffic to your blog.

Advantages of SEO:-
1.  SEO is used to rank any website in search engines like google, yahoo, etc.

2. by doing SEO you can drive as much as traffic in your site or blog
3.  SEO is the digital marketing process.

4. SEO is the main thing to rank blog in google even if you don’t do on-page SEO you can rank in google but if you don’t do off-page SEO your article is never going to rank in google.

Thanks for reading my article if you have any question regarding this topic comment below we will get back to you soon.

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