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Top 8 best file compression apps for android

There are many apps in the play store to unzip or compress android apps. Therefore to make everything easy we are here to share the best apps to compress file and extraction application that can help you to open zip,rar and other compression formats now we think the best file to use or compress files is archiver and by using this you can save all your files in one place smartly. Now let's start which apps are best to use.

Top 8 best file compression apps for android

1. ZArchiver
2. B1 archiver
3. Winzip
4. Rar
5 . Xzip
6. Zipper
7 .7Zipper 2.0
8 .AL Zip

1. ZArchiver:

Zarchiver is the number one app compression app for use.  This application helps the user to extract the zip files.  You can create a password to use the app and it is very easy to use it can help you to read or compress any zip file. It can be best for you.

2. B1 archiver:

If you are looking for a free app tool that can allow you to create and extract the zip file and other formats, then b1 can be the best option for you. This application is already available in the playstore to download. It is free you can start using it from now.

3. Winzip:

Winzip is also the famous title on the list which will able to help you for compressing and extracting files, in this app a lot of new features available to use. This app also supports google drive and dropbox. It means you will able to extract files directly from google drive and cloud platforms.

4. Rar:

Rar is also a very famous application in today's time. Rar application is looking good and in order to use it also. Rar files support zip.rar and many more files. It is not going to be easy to tell all features of this application because it has a lot of features.

5. Xzip:

Xzip is a newly launched application but it is becoming more and more popular. This app allows users to compress any file and it also supports password protection means if you have any secure file you can add a password option also by using this.

6. Zipper:

Zipper supports each and every file extraction as well. Zipper also has features like image viewer and file manager. This application allows users to transfer apps to wifi and Bluetooth therefore it can be downloaded from the play store.

7. 7Zipper 2.0:

This application name matches the zipper but it different from the zipper which also supports transferring files by wifi. You will get a lot of features in this app.7zipper 2.0 also compress files like zip,rar,xapk etc. you can read text and task killing.

8.AL Zip:

Al zip app also has good features to use. This application also has features that are similar to the apps given above. It supports rar,zip files to extract. You can download it from the playstore.

Thank you for reading my article if you have any question comment below we will get back to you shortly with the answer.

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