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How to write high-quality post?

high-quality post

Today's article is going to be special for every blogger because today we are going to talk about how to write a high-quality post? This question comes in most of the blogger's mind.

If you have just started your blog or started a long time ago but not ranking in google it means you are not writing a unique and high-quality post.
It is necessary to write a high-quality post to rank top on google. Usually doing blogging is a good habit.

If you search in google that how to make money online you will see that all articles or videos will tell you about blogging. Because you can make good money by doing blogging.

How to write high-quality posts all details?
1. keyword research.
2. topic research.
3. by making your post SEO friendly.
4. staying safe from keyword spamming.
5. do full on-page SEO.

1. Keyword research.
Usually, keyword research is an important topic to write high-quality posts. Doing keyword research is necessary before writing an article. This can help us to drive traffic on our blog. Many bloggers make mistake in this stage usually.

They write their posts but without doing keyword research or without placing keyword. They think that long posts can help to rank but in actuality, it is not even if you write a small post but do keyword placement correctly you can rank in google easily.

2.Topic research.
If you get a keyword it does not mean that your post is in quality but after you will need to do research on the topic of which you are writing the article. You will need to collect more and more information about that topic.

The more your research a topic more you will learn about that keyword by this you can easily explain your all information in the post. if you write your post without good information reader will understand it will go back without reading the article.

3.By making your post SEO friendly.
Now you have got a good keyword and got a topic to write an article. Now it is the time of writing a post. When you write an article to make sure that your post must be SEO friendly.

If your post is not SEO friendly it will make less chance to be ranked on google and SEO means placing keywords in your post which can help you to rank post. To know more about what is SEO visit my article link given below.

4. Staying safe from keyword spamming.
You have done keyword research, topic research, and SEO very well even your post is not ranking in google or ranked but after sometimes it was automatically decreased because you may have mentioned your main keyword a lot of time in the post which is called keyword spamming.

To stay safe from keyword spamming you will need to make sure that doesn’t mention your keyword more than 3 times in your post.

5. Do full on-page SEO.
I have already told you before that to rank in google you will need to make your post SEO friendly. It means you will have to add your main keyword in the image, URL, and search description. And then you will have to add the good title of your post because the first visitor will see your title of the post and then will come to read your post if he likes. I will suggest you make the same title and URL if it is possible or make a post URL as short as possible.

Thanks for reading my article if you have any question regarding this topic comment below we will get back to you soon.