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Head Ball 2 MOD APK 1.148 (Unlimited Money)

You have to pick out a participant to manage like the role-playing games. The identity additionally says it all, you have to use the head to kick the ball. Players in the recreation area designed in an as a substitute loopy way, they don’t have the body, solely the massive head is linked to the shoes, adequate to function the primary operation of a player. You will experience humorous to see gamers like Messi, Ronaldo in this form, special from the celebrity fashion as in actual life.

The manipulate of Head Ball two is additionally very simple. This can be the first soccer recreation you do now not want to use buttons, such as kick, passing, etc. When the ball flies, you simply manipulate the participant touching the ball, it will fly contrary. When the ball flies into the opponent’s goal, you will be charged one point. If one of the two gamers ratings three goals, that man or woman is the winner.

Each fit lasts solely 10 seconds if no one rankings in that duration then the suit will be counted draw. I discovered this sport very fun, convey greater enjoyment besides spending lots of time. The sport requires the ability and finesse of the player, plus some luck. You will sense remarkable when you kick the ball into the opponent’s arm in the cheering of the fans.

Head Ball 2 MOD 1.148 (Unlimited Money) Apk


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