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Best free backlinks checker tools

Best free backlinks checker tools

Hello, friends your most welcome on my today's article, we are going to tell you about the best free backlinks checker tools and if you are a blogger then you must need to know about these tools. Because you know that backlink is one of the most important factors to rank your blog.

By using this free backlink tools you can easily analyze your competitor's backlinks profile and from where they have created backlinks you can also try to make backlinks.

A time ago google was accepting backlinks of any websites even if it was created from a low-quality backlink website and also your article might be able to rank but now the situation is different if you want to rank your article in the google search engine you need to make backlinks from high-quality backlink sites.

Now we are going to know that how can we know to find high-quality backlink at free of cost by which you can rank in google. So let's start.

1.        Ahref Backlink Checker Tool.
2.        Semrush Backlink Checker Tool.
3.        Open link Backlink Checker Tool.
4.        Backlink Backlink Checker Tool.
5.        Monitor Backlink Checker Tool.
6.        Seokick Backlink Checker Tool.
7.        Google search console
8.        Linkody Backlink Checker Tool.

This is a list of all backlinks checker tools now we will tell you about these backlink checker tools in detail.

(1.) Ahref Backlink Checker Tool:-

if you are a blogger then 100% you may know about ahref tool and in fact this the most used backlink tool by bloggers. Ahref backlink checker tools are one of the most popular backlink tool. This is a paid backlink tool but they are also providing backlink checker tools for free and by using this tool you can easily know about backlinks.

(2) Semrush Backlink Checker Tool.:-

Semrush is one of the world's famous tools too. Many people are using this told because of their popularity. You can know the website backlink profile as well as you can easily know how your website performing on the internet. Semrush tool is a paid tool but you can check the backlinks of any website freely.

(3) Openlink Backlink Checker Tool:-

You can use the openlink backlink checker tool absolutely free. By the help of this, you can easily take information about all websites backlinks and even you can take the information of your own website backlinks and if you found any low-quality backlink on your website you can remove it also. By doing these things your website can get better results.

(4) Backlinkwatch Backlink Checker Tool:-

Backlinkwatch backlink checker tool is also free to use. You can take the information about backlinks with the help of this. There are limited features in this tool so I can not give more information. But this a free tool you can use it.

(5) Monitor Backlink Checker Tool.:-

The monitor backlink tool is a good and quality backlink checker. In this, you can see all domains backlinks. You can also understand that which backlink is of high quality and which is low quality.

(6) Seokicks Backlink Checker Tool.:-

Seokicks backlink tool is one of my favorite backlink sites you can easily get to know about high-quality and low-quality backlinks of any website. And you can also take information about duplicate or external backlinks.

(7) Google Search Console-:-

By using google search console we can know that from which source we are getting traffic and from where have we created backlink. First, you need to go to the traffic section of your google search console account from where you can get all information about your traffic.

(8) Linkody Backlink Checker Tool.:-

If you want to use this tool free you can use it once a day. By using this tool you can collect various information about your competitors and can also collect information about the backlinks of your competitor.

So thanks for reading my article if you have any suggestion or question comment below, we will get back to you shortly.