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What is webhosting and how does it work?

Web hosting is a service that gives the facility to any organization or any people of posting a webpage or website on the internet. Your website files are stored by The hosting service on a webserver. Whenever anyone writes that address or URL in their browser to access that website. After that webserver receives a copy of that website files by accepting customers' requests on their computer. And as a result, the computer opens up that website.

There are many types of hosting available. But which type of hosting is better for you, it is depending on the needs of your website. Because the necessity of every website or business is different. You should keep this in your mind then you will have to choose the right hosting. now let's look at the types of hosting.

Types of web hosting:-
1. Shared Web Hosting
2. Virtual Private Server
3. Dedicated Hosting
4. Cloud Web Hosting

1. Shared Web Hosting:-
Like we live in a hostel or lodge so there are many people out there we live together and pay divided rent to the owner. Just like that shared web hosting stores a lot of websites in one server. It is called shared web hosting. This type of service is good for a beginner because they will not receive a lot of traffic and they will not face any problem.

2. Virtual Private Server:-
A Virtual Private Server is similar to the owner of the building flat where the owner pays all rent of that flat. Nobody pays rent will him and no one can live with him there. There is one building there but there are many flats in it and it each has a different owner. Just like that virtualization system is used in VPS. A virtual private server is best for you if you get high traffic on your website. It will never let speed to slow down.

3. Dedicated Server Hosting:-
A dedicated server is like a Lush house where everything is just for you and everything can be used by just you. But it can be very costly for you to maintain different types of facilities. The server which is used in dedicated will be very fast and also will work faster. It stores all contents, videos, and photos of just one website. there is no sharing in it and no content will be of any website in this. A website which has a lot of traffic, it is very good for the website.

4. Cloud Web Hosting:-
This is a new type of Webhosting and it is spreading faster in the market at this time. it is different in cost and in performance from the rest. There are many servers that work for only one website at the same time. It will provide the best service as well as secure the website. When a group of servers works together, it is called the cloud. High traffic website can be controlled easily with it. Cloud web hosting will give you high speed despite high traffic. This is the reason why cloud hosting was believed very costly. But now it has come with affordable plans.

Customer Service:-
Webhosting company always tells that they give 24*7 customer service. I personally use the HostGator web hosting service because they are providing the best customer. They will be with you until your problem will not be solved.

When we go to buy a computer, we will choose the hard disk as we need. If we want to keep movies, games, and songs, we will choose more capacity hard disk. Just like that when we make our website, we will know which type of content will be in it. If you use less content so you must not buy more space but if you want to use more space, you will need to buy unlimited storage.

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