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What is search engine optimization?

If you are new in the blogging field, you may have heard about SEO and you may have got a question that what is SEO and how to do it?.the full form of SEO is Search Engine Optimization which is used to rank website or blog in a particular keyword for driving organic visitors to the website. if you do SEO of your blog or website you can drive a huge amount of traffic on your website. If you see any failed blogger in the blogging field it means he did not do SEO of his/her blogging even if you write high-quality content, you will get no traffic in your blog.

There are many ways to get traffic on the website by advertising, social media, etc. to get keyword related traffic means traffic which comes from search engines like google and bing, etc is keyword related or organic traffic. You will need to
SEO of your website to drive organic traffic on the website. And also search engine traffic can give you more earning than social media or other platform traffic.

Forms of Search Engine Optimization?

1. Black Hat:-
Black Hat Seo means where you can do unnecessary keywords on-page. Purchasing backlinks and clicking your own website in search results comes in black hat SEO. By doing this all things ranking can be maintained for some time It can not help you to maintain ranking for a long time.

2. White Hat:-
White hat SEO is the most accurate method of Search engine optimization. It will take more time to rank your website keyword but this is the most accurate and good method of SEO. If you wanna rank your website, you must pay attention to white hat SEO.

How to do SEO?

1. Keyword Research:-
The keyword is one of the most important things in order to do SEO. Because Google will not show your post to people until what is being searched by people that will not be written in your post. Keyword research means finding keywords that are being searched by people on google.

2. Including keywords in a post:-
We will have to include keywords like that google can read it easily and post reader will not get bored by reading your post. We should include good keywords in the header, subheader, and URL in our post.

3. Internal linking:-
Say that you have written your post, now it is time to add video and images in a written post. we must change the name of the image before adding it in the post.  Keywords should be added on that then images will be also shown on google.
We must add a link to our old post in a new post where it is necessary after adding images.

4. Creating Backlinks:-
Backlinks are the most important thing to rank any post in google, therefore, we must try to post the link of our website in another blog. If we can create backlinks from high DA sites, we will easily rank our post on Google or any other search engines.

5. Guest posting:-
In this time no one is allowing to post any other link on their site. But every high-quality website is allowing gust posting to their site so it is the best way to get the high-quality do-follow backlink. it will also increase the audience for your site if your post has good content.

Thank you, friends, for reading my article if you have any questions or suggestions comment below we will get back to you shortly.

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