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What is Online or digital marketing and how to start it?

Friends you may have listened to the name of marketing and you may know about it. But do you really know about what is online internet marketing?
If you know, it is good but if you do not know then we are going to tell you about it .you can also tell it completely tutorial of digital or online marketing.

What is digital marketing?
It is the way to reach the global market for our product via online internet, you can promote your product or brand globally by using digital equipment like mobile or computer which is called digital marketing. In this era, digital marketing is the best way to promote your product at a very less cost.

How to do digital or online marketing?
In today’s time, many political parties are using digital or online marketing to canvass.  And even they are getting success. Now let's know that how can we use digital marketing to advertise our product.

1. Display Advertising:-
In this type of advertising, we can advertise our product by making 10 to 20 seconds of video or image or banner ads.

2. Blogging Ads:-
When product advertisement comes in any blog which is based on the keyword of that blog. This ad is shown to the visitor based on his interest. You can promote your service or product via a blog.

3. Text Ads:-
When just text is shown to the visitor in a blog or website in place of image or video which is called text ads. In this type of ad, just text of the product is shown.

4. Search Engine Optimization:-
Search engine optimization is a full form of SEO when you promote your website or blog to rank first in google which is known as search engine optimization. If you are a blogger then you may definitely know about search engine optimization.

5. Sponsored Search:-
When you search for anything in the search engine, you will see a written ad in the first page of the results which is a sponsored search named ad. Where you can show your website or blog to get a visitor.

6. Social media marketing:-
In this era of the internet, social media marketing is one of the most affordable and best marketing tricks. You know that thousands of people use social media like Facebook, Twitter, etc. where you can show your ad and take good visitors to your blog or website.

7. Mobile Ads:-
In this type of ad, you can send an SMS ad directly to the visitors on their mobile. Where users will see the ad of your product or website in their screen.

8. Email Marketing:-
You can send mail of your product’s or website’s ad or image to the user by which you can get good sell or traffic.

9. Chat Ads:-
When you convey the information of your product or website to the customer by using social media or chat which is known as chat ads.

Thank you for reading my article if you have any question or suggestion regarding this topic you can comment below we will get back to you shortly.