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What is domain authority and how to increase domain authority?

It is the most important thing for every blogger to increase their domain authority because if your site has good domain authority it can easily be ranked on is also called. The Website which has good Domain authority will take less time to rank in google or which has less domain authority will take more time to rank in google even it also can not be ranked on I came here to explain to you how to increase the domain authority of the website so without wasting time let’ start the article.

If you are in blogging for a long time you must have listened about the domain the authority which is developed by is a method which shows how your website is reliable.domain authority is counted on 100 numbers the more your website rank it will give more rank to the website.

How domain authority is calculated?
If you search anything in google and copy the 1st website link in any DA checker the website you will see that the DA of that website will be high in comparison to another website.generally domain authority is calculated by 4 points.

1.  Moz Rank:-
Moz the rank of a website is given from 10 points if your website has a good Moz rank it means domain authority will become high. To increase Moz rank you will need to create backlinks from high DA sites.

2. Quality Content:-
If you create high-quality content it will help you to increase domain authority and will help to build an audience as well. You will need to do research about content to create quality content.

3. Social Network:-
Social networks if you create quality content and share it on social networks like Facebook, youtube, twitter, etc it will help you to get likes and visitors on your will help you to increase domain authority because your website will be known on social platforms.

4. Domain Age:-
The age of the domain also helps you to increase domain authority. If you are writing articles for a long time then your domain authority will increase because your domain becomes old which can be a major factor for high domain authority.

Why is domain authority important?
If I explain in simple words all search engines prefer to rank high domain authority website in their search engine. high domain authority will help you to get traffic organically and also you will get high rankings in search engines which will help you to boost your revenue and audience.

How to check domain authority?
A lot of free domain authority checking tools are available online. You will also able to check your domain authority from Moz's official toolbar.lists of tools areas are given below
• SmallSeoTools
• Bulk DA Checker
• Seo Weather
• OpenSiteExplorer (OSE)

How to increase domain authority?
It is not so much tough to increase domain authority I have increased my domain authority 3 up by doing the given below tips.

1. Quality content:-
Write content in your blog which is easy to be read by your reader. Do more research about content which you are going to provide your audience which will help you.

2. Marketing of own content:-
If you write good quality content, it is time to provide marketing to your content means need to advertise of your content or post your article links in social media, etc.

3. Create Do-follow backlinks:-
Creating do-follow backlinks is one of the easiest ways to increase the domain authority of the website. You will have to go to another high DA website and create do-follow backlinks from that site as many backlinks you will make as much your website DA will increase.

4. Guest posting:-
Guest posting is also a better way to increase domain authority of the website it will also help you to get traffic on your blog. You need to write articles on another website it will drive traffic to your blog and also increase domain authority and audience for you.

5. Write long articles:-
Writing SEO friendly and long articles on the website also helps to increase the domain authority of a blog. To long articles must be at least between 700 to 1000 words.even it is good if you write more long article. These are the way to increase domain authority.

Thank you for reading my article if you have any question regarding this topic comment below we will reply to you shortly.