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What is dark net and surface web?

Hello friends, today I am gonna give you complete information about the darknet. surface web and deep net. When you have heard first time the name of the darknet or dark web, this question might have come to your mind. But the internet knows it that what is darknet? So let's begin.

You had the willingness to know about the darknet but when you had searched for getting information about the darknet on google but you did not get anything. The question might have come in your mind that was there any way to know things which are not available publicly.

That is it, the internet is a hidden part of which is called the darknet. Let's know what is the dark web? Some facts have to know before understanding this. You can open an unlimited website on the internet when you will search for something and you may have received it. But when you search for some information you will not get any results on the internet.

You will surprise to know that the websites and information we are seeing on the internet which is only 5% of the internet which is viewable. It means another 95% of the information we cant see on the internet.

What is surface Net /surface Web?
Now, the question is going on in your mind where is that 95% websites? Somewhere it will not be in the mars and who can use them?. If you see on the internet you will see 5% of the website, it is called the surface web. This means any website or information you can see on the internet is surface web or surface net or public internet. It is divided into 3 parts to access the internet.

This is the three parts of the Internet: -
1. Surface Web
2. Deep Web
3. Dark Web

1. Surface Web:-
Surface web which is the most used part of the internet can be accessed by anybody anywhere anytime.No permission is required for this. It simply means the surface web is the information that is available in search engines like google, yahoo, etc by searching. It is just 5% of all information which is available on the internet.

Surface web which is mostly used in the whole world but you can only see the things which the owner of the website wants to show us with surface web limit. Even though the surface web is public internet it means google and other search engines keep it neat and clean from any kind of sensitive data.

Google works within the law, now you will have understood that what is the surface web? If you search anything in google and if you find any page blank it means it is removed by let's see at deep web know that deep web is the key.

2. Deep Web:-
The deep web is an internet which is cant be read by google. Google does not index deep web because the owner of the deep web prevents google from indexing through no sitemap. We can only visit these types of websites when we have a link and password for that.

In fact, it happens because private information is saved on this website or government information is transferred from one place to another place or the database is maintained. In a simple language, these people can use the same website as the owner or who has permissions.

Until you don’t have a URL and password, you can not access can't see any person's personal information or account balance of the CBI s secret mission even though it is available on the internet but it is kept in the deep web.

3. Dark Web:-
Dak web is the home of the internet where all illegal activities are happening like Drugs, betting, hacking, blowing of money from the bank, etc. this is the world of the internet by this no one can do anything. Surface web and deep web both must follow the rules but it dark web there are no rules.

Yet you may have understood that the dark web is the dangerous part of the internet but no one can access the dark web from a normal browser or no public internet will allow doing. To access it you will need a special browser Tor browser.

The Tor Browser can be downloaded from the play store but it will not work. You will need a proxy server to use orox or tor. After you can use but use it only for educational purposes, not for any other activity.

Thank you for reading my article if you have any question or suggestion comment below.