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What is android rooting advantages of disadvantages of it?

What is android rooting advantages of disadvantages of it?

What is Android Root?

When a company makes software, it adds some limitations along with it. So that it will not be used incorrectly. Android is a Linux based operating system. If you have used Linux anytime, you will know that Linux is an open-source of OS

Most people use it for hacking and security.

You can do anything in your android smartphone as well if it is rooted. Root means root which will help you to reach the root of will not able to do all things in your android phone without rooting.

When you click on the right side  of the mouse of the computer, you will see the option of:” Run As Administrator” it is the example when you root your android mobile, you can use your android smartphone with administrator

Power. if your android is rooted, you will have the freedom to do anything with your smartphone.


How to root the android phone?

There are two ways to root an android phone. You can root your mobile using a computer or even without using a computer. To root android mobile without a computer you will need to use kingo root.

First, you will need to download kingo root app from their official website. It will show you the status of your mobile it is rooted or not like “root access unavailable” after installing kingo root app. Then you will see the options button “Get Now”. Click on it and it will start the rooting process. It will stop at 97% then you will have to choose to continue option and your android phone will be rooted.

How to Check the android the phone is rooted or not?

This question might have come to your mind that you had rooted your mobile but how to check that phone is rooted or not? To check it will have to download the application from google play store named root checker. You will have to open the root checker app After installing the root checker on your mobile. Now if your phone is rooted it will show green color status and also will see written text like” root access is granted” and if your phone is not rooted it will show red color and will show that “root access is not properly installed”

Advantages of rooting android phone:-

1. increase performance and the battery life of Android:-

You can easily increase the battery life of your android phone because if your phone is rooted you can remove some unwanted system apps which drains battery high or you can install some app that will increase the performance of your android smartphone.

2. you can install incompatible apps:-

After rooting you can easily use apps which is not available in your country or not supported in your mobile. And easily remove apps which is in your system also.

3. supports new ROMs:-

If you root your android phone you can easily install some custom roms like apple os or some other os systems or new android version by flashing directly. But it may harm your device if you do any mistake in flashing new roms.

4. full device backup:-

By rooting the device you can take a full backup of your all data or you're all of the application in memory. Even you can take a backup of your system apps. It can be helpful.


Disadvantages of rooting android:-

1. bad phone:-

If you try to root your bad android phone which may cause a problem in the phone and it may start booting again and again or maybe stop working also. If the phone is bad then it can be crashed as well.

2. Warranty is of the phone will end up:-

When you root your android device mobile warranty will end up. Then you cant repair your android phone if it gets crashed but yes if you unroot it then your warranty for mobile will come back because the service center can never know that you had rooted your phone.

3. more update problem:-

You will not able to update your android phone to the new version which is provided by your mobile company.  Even if you unroot you may not update the android phone. But yes you can install the new version from rom but it may not be secured like the mobile company provides


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