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Top 6 search engines of the world

Top 6 search engines of the world

Hi, I am Vishal, and today I am gonna tell you about the top 6 most used search engines on the internet. who does not know about search engines? Nowadays, if we feel any problem or have any queries, we will search on the internet and will get an instant reply to problems or queries. We all already know about search engines because most of us are using it. Now, let's know about the most used search engines and how it works?

What are search engines?
We all know that anything we search in this will give us an instant reply with an answer. You must have noticed when you search in google it will show you that it has shown you 100000 results in .30  seconds so how does it so quickly?

The search engine is an advanced software system that has been designed for if any user goes to search anything, it will show you the best answer on the first page which is indifferent websites or pages.

Whenever we search for anything in the search engines, it will show you the best answer which is related to it. It will be on series or likewise, suppose that if you search word name “smartphones between 100$ to 150$” then it will show you all results which are related to 100$ to 150$ and smartphone words.

World's 5 Most Popular Search Engines

Who does not know about google, it is the most popular search engine in the world.this is the top search engine of the world because no search engine has as much as it has. According to Google statistics, about 64% of searches of the worlds come from google search. That’s why Google has got first place.

Bing search engine is also the most popular search engine after google. Bing search engine is Microsoft's company’s product. It is in second place because people search for it after google search engine. It also comes in some popular browser by default like google sets in google chrome browser.this the most searched after google search engine so it becomes the second largest search engine. It receives 24% of searches in the world.

3. Yahoo:-
Yahoo comes in bing. Yahoo is also a good search engine and it also gives good service and also yahoo provides its mail service which is considered one of the best services. Yahoo search engine is also being popular in day by day.
A question-answer related search engine, a lot of people comes on it every day and they find the answer to their questions. The old name of this search engine is Azkah and formerly knows to ask Jeeves. Later it was changed to it takes 3%  of search volume all over the world. It is the main reason for keeping it in the 4th position.

It is a new search engine but is being popular now.  It is not selling any data of user so if you do any secret activity this is helpful for you to use. It is a fully secure and privacy search engine no information can be leaked from here. It keeps your privacy private because when you leave this search engine its delete your all data as soon.
You may have heard about search engine. It is also a good search also holds a 6th position in the top search engine list because it takes around 0.60% of the search volume of all over the world. This data is taken from the net market share.

So thank you, friends, for reading my article if you have any question or suggestion comment below we will get back to you shortly.