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Tuesday, May 12, 2020

State of Survival Mod APK 1.8.31

State of Survival Mod APK 1.8.6

Survival is an Amazing Zombie Apocalypse Strategy Game in which the country has already experienced Zombie apocalypse for 6 months. The virus affects people such as wildfires. Your country is in a state of emergency and the government has not provided aid, rather it was underground and there can be no contact from it. None of the survivors are still there. You have created a small army with a group of survivors, and you're its leader, aiming at finding the other survivor, raising money, rebuilding the state, training your soldiers, finding guns and ammunition, building barracks, killing the dead.

The State of Survival was designed with far easier gameplay rather than the role of the characters and taking part in a ferocious fire battle. Generally speaking, the tower defense games are similar in that players attempt to position characters and place machines to destroy nearby zombies. In turn, players capture every part of the town and kill the zombies, search for food, and make their lives rise.

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