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What is Seo ?how to do it?

In this time if any problem happens with us we start finding the solution to the problem in google. Google is the most used search engine in the world where thousands of questions answer are being found. And when we search for anything in google and found 1st thing usually we will select it. The post which is being seen on the first page it can get more traffic.

And if you are a blogger you also want that your post will be shown on the first page of google. To show your post on 1st page of google you need to learn about SEO.  You can rank your post on Google by using SEO and today we are going to learn about it. By using this trick your post can be ranked.

        1.  What is SEO?


        2. What is the work of SEO?


        3. How to learn SEO?


        4. How to do SEO?


 1. What is SEO?

The full meaning of SEO is search engine optimization. This the chain of SEO and every blogger or website creator needs to know. You must understand about SEO before starting any kind of website or blog. To show information google, yahoo, and bing all search engine uses certain types of algorithm.

If you want to drive organic traffic in your blog you need to do quality SEO of your website by using this google can show your article on the first page.


 2. What is the work of SEO?

You understood about SEO now let's know what kind of advantages we get from doing SEO. When you will search anything in google it will show you different results and those all information gets from different websites. And If any website is seeing the first page and 1st it can get 95% traffic of searched word.

If you do SEO rightly you can get a chance to rank 1st in Google and you can get a lot of traffic from google, therefore, SEO is important for your site.


3. How to learn SEO?

First, you will need to create your own website then you will have to publish an article on it. After you can get visitors if you have done a good seo.there are many processes for doing SEO and I will tell you about it in the next article.


4. How to do SEO?

If your website or blog is new first of all you will have to submit your site to google search console and yahoo. For doing SEO you need to find a good keyword with low competition to rank in google.

1.after finding keywords use all your main keywords in all content of your blog by doing this google can easily understand that about which topic you have written an article.

2.Create Relevant backlinks of your keyword to rank in google. 

3.Create your website sitemap and submit it to the google webmaster tool by doing this google can see your website articles and issues of the website.

Thanks for reading my article if you have any question regarding this topic comment below we will get back to you soon