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Wednesday, April 15, 2020

influencercash review-Another scam be safe!

which charges you up to $250 a day on social media. We promise we will pay you well to invite your friends and families to join their platform by partnering with leading brands like Target and McDonald's.

What is influencer cash? 
It is said that only because of ad revenues created by traffic you send to your site, we pay a $25 sign-up bonus, up to $2 per click and a $10 referral bonus ... the only problem is that you currently do not have any advertising on your website!

Everyone is free to enter, with a bonus of $25 and a $10 fee to each friend who comes to the website via your connection, but none ever pays.

Unfortunately, websites such as Influencer Cash rarely stick around. The reports will soon come in and the platform will be locked.

Red flags of influencer cash:-
As described before, I believe there are legitimate reasons to doubt and the chances of making a profit on the site.

I find some very significant warning signs after my entry with my experience in online marketing and as someone who makes full-time sales online.

The main points which make influence cash site suspicious which is given below:

1.False testimonials:- 
In order to convince you that this is a trustworthy network, has many testimonials available on its website.

2.Suspicious evidence of payment:- 
I have found something special in comparison to testimonies on is the so-called payment proof on the website.

3. fake earning claims:-
It is just NOT reasonable to only obtain $2 to have anyone click on your referral connection. Also, it's NOT realist that a freelance app like that will actually give you a $25 entry bonus to register.

This is NOT possible to have $10 for every article you make on social media, irrespective of who you are. There are free sites that give you joining incentives but rarely that high. Big influencers will work with major brands and gain far more per tweet.

If we talk about red flags number 4 then it is termination of the account. influencer cash says that they can close your account any time if they found any invalid activity or any reason so it can be risky for you to join this network.

5. high payment threshold:
And the minimum payment of influencer cash is 200$ if you started you need to work until you not reach to 200$.you will have to promote more and more to get paid.

My Opinion:- could initially look like an easy way to make good money online. Yet I think there's a lot of odd stuff about the site.

And I'm not going to consider any good features about based on my experience before you decide to join or not to summarize the advantages and reverses to get your summary. 
Yeah, so you won't lose your money. It is free to enter. If you bring it all together, I think it is clearly a site too risky to invest in.

Be mindful that it is definitely possible to make money online, but there is no rapid solution and if a website has too many red flags, then it is better to find another way.

Yet you will actually waste a great deal of time and even encourage others to participate. If you bring it all together, I think it is clearly a site too risky to invest in.

My Ratings: 5 Out of 10.

Ratings which is given by me it  is my opinion and yes if you paid from this site you can comment  below after your comment or review I can change this rating.

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