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Friday, April 17, 2020

Gbwhatsapp pro

GB Whatapp pro(GBWA, for its Spanish acronym for German acronym "WhatsApp pro mod") is the most popular chat application on Android and IOS phones. Most Android users choose GBWhatsapp Pro Apk to download on their Android devices as this WhatsApp pro mod gives them more fun with chatting.

This GB Whatsapp adds to the user experience by incorporating other features including voice and video calls, chat, voice reviews, etc. Gbwhatsapp provides many other features such as location sharing, notes, contacts, media, photos, stickers, photographs, etc.

So I will provide you the direct link to download the GBWhatsApp if you wonder where to download the new update. This offers more open features than the older version of the GB WhatsApp new v8.30 update.

GBwhatsapp, also called WhatsApp GB Pro, is a third-party service called GBWA. Because we all like using moded software on our smartphones, GBwhatsapp is easily available anywhere on the internet. Gbwhatsapp will also use two WhatsApp accounts, which ensures that two numbers can be used for a single email. 

What's New in Gbwhatsapp Pro Apk Latest Version

 ⇒ Anti-ban

 ⇒ New base updated

 ⇒ Added/customized new emojis

 ⇒ Attached, you can call participants in groups mod

 ⇒ Added reply privately features when you select massage in groups

 Fixed added in stickers from Google Play issue

 Fixed crash when you search for themes

 Bugs fixes     

Download GBWhatsapp Pro Latest Version Apk

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