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GBInstagram is an unofficial Instagram clone, it features a lot of new functionality. You can share photos, videos, and stories from Instagram with GBInstagram. It helps you to use the same app for two Instagram accounts. 

The GBinstagram features a follow-on indicator that indicates who follows you who open your profile instantly and the ability to view people in a full-size photo with a long-click on the profile image.

How to Install GBInstagram on your device?
You'll have to let go of the official Instagram to install GBInstagram on your smartphone. Once the official Instagram has been removed, GBInstagram can be activated as easily as any program on your computer can be enabled. 

A step-by-step guide to install GBInstagram on your smartphone is available here. First, uninstall Instagram An official from your mobile, go set, press settings, and then uninstall. Official Instagram from your computer! If completed successfully, it takes just some minutes to download GBInstagram APK from your laptop and to install the GBInstagram app.GBInstagram 

GBInstagram features:-
GBInstagram has many special functions and you can monitor anything on GBInstagram at your convenience, even if you are still using the Official Instagram.

Two Instagram applications: 
The GBInstagram allows you to sign in to an Instagram account on the same device. This functionality is useful for those who have an Instagram page for the company and personal use.

Facebook Login: 
you don't have to be afraid of losing Facebook access, GBInstagram allows you Facebook access to log in.

Download Images and Videos: 
Do you wish to keep these memories forever, you can download any photos and video to your computer with a button. GBInstagram is for you.

The story of Download: 
there is a follower who is still fascinated by his post. You can download the post to your computer with GBInstagram, simply click on the story bar on the profile and access it.

Follow indicator: 
if you think you have the ghost followers, have someone followed you and you are unsure whether they have backed you, then just click on GBInstagram to get a profile that shows whether the person follows you or not.

Download GBInstagram v1.60 Latest Version For Android

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