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What is File Extension? how important it is for a file

Hello friends, in today's post, we are going to give information about what is File Extension. If you use Computer or Mobile, you must have heard the name of the file extension or you will have sometimes shown an error related to the file extension.

Every user on a computer or mobile uses file extensions but if you do not know what the file extension is or how to identify the file extension or any information related to it, then you will get the answer to all the questions related to it in this post.

Friends, it is also important to know about the file extension because many times we are unable to access any of our important files due to the extension, that means we cannot open this file, but you will also get the solution from this post, So, you must read it without taking a shortcut.

What is the File Extension:-
If we look at Computer and Mobile, then the file is any, we can identify it by its name or Icon of the file, but Computer, Mobile or any device cannot identify any file with its name or Icon to understand that file. Extension Name is required
The extension name of the file helps in identifying the file and this is the reason that the file is opened to us on the right platform.

Ex. You must have seen that when you open an image on computer or mobile, it automatically opens on an Image Viewer App itself and if it is opened on another app, it does not open.

This also means that the file extension is also used to identify the platform of its file. File Extension starts with the Operating System of any device because if it comes to the Operating System, then the file used in it also works on the extension itself.

Whenever a file is searched by its name, then that file opens, similarly if you search the extension name also, then you will get all the files whose extension name you have searched.

Just as the domain name of a website can be identified from which country this domain belongs to, which sector it is connected to, similarly the file can be identified with the extension of a file.

What if there is no Extension Name in the file:-
If a file does not have an Extension Name, then that file cannot be opened because there will be no App to support this file, so it will not be open either.Many times you must have seen that you are opening a file and that it is not opening in the right place and is being opened on some other app and due to this, that file will not be shown to you, that means that in that file The extension Name is set to Wrong.

What is VPN, how to use it, how to keep data secure from VPN Network:-
Suppose if you are playing MP3 and it is opening in another platform, then it means that the extension of MP3 you played is set to something else instead of mp3. So if you want it to be MP3 File Play, then you have to set a valid extension of that file .mp3.
Some File Extension Information-

As we have said that the file is identified by the extension itself, and there are different extensions for different files which need to be known, so let's know about some files and their extensions-

1. Audio File -
Only the song is kept in the audio file in which only Voice can be heard and these songs are fixed according to the quality in different Extension Name which is Mp3, Amr.

2. Video -
The video also has a Show as well as Voice, and it also uses different extensions according to the quality which is Mp4, 3gp, Avi, Mkv, flv.

3. Image -
Different extension names are also used in the image like Jpeg, png, Ico, Jpef.

4. Microsoft Office Extension -
Microsoft Office has different files, and many users associated with it also ask questions like - ms word ka extension kya hai, word file ka extension kya hai, powerpoint presentation ka extension kya hota hai, ms word mein banai gai file ka extension kya hota hai and many other similar questions that the user wants to know.

Friends, if you have a similar question, you can ask us in the comment; along with this, you are also being given information about the extensions of all Microsoft Office files-
• MS word file extension - docx & doc
• MS Power Point - ppt,
• MS Excl - xlsx,
• MS Access– accdb
5. Other File and their Extension -
• Document File: pdf, Zip / Rar.
• Text File: txt
• Android App - Apk
• Gif File: gif
• Computer App - exe
• Coding Language File - Php, Xml, Html, Js, Css, doc, sys

How to Change File Extension:-
If you want to change the extension name of any file, for this you get many tools online or offline with which you can transfer any file to another file and this will change the extension as well.

Like if you want to convert an image into a PDF file, for this you can search online or offline tool on the Internet.

If you are opening a file and some problem of extension is coming in the file or that file is being opened on another app, then you need to set the file extension, for this you can add the file with the name Dot {. } After giving, extension name has to be given.

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