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Monday, September 2, 2019

Surveys2Cash Review- is scam or legit?

Surveys2Cash is a recently launched website that claims it can help you do exactly that ... But is it really legitimate? Or is Surveys2Cash a scam that will waste your time and receive nothing in return? Well, you've landed in the right place to find out because in this honest review of Surveys2Cash I'm going to discover the real truth about how everything works, as well as discover why you shouldn't use it and what to do instead.
First, before entering the review, I want to point out that if you want to go directly to my recommendation number 1, you can do so by clicking on the following link:

What is Surveys2Cash?
Surveys2Cash is a new website that was recently launched and promises to connect people with surveys that pay a lot and has been promoted a lot, which has left many users questioning its authenticity.
The site itself (unlike most other paid survey websites) don't really provide you with any surveys. Instead, it simply acts as an "intermediary" that connects you with paid survey companies and the creator of the same is paid a commission in exchange for doing so if you register.

The question, however, is what is there for you?
What is the benefit of registering with Surveys2Cash instead of going directly to a paid survey website? Basically, Surveys2Cash leads you to believe that by using your service you will be matched with the highest paid and highest paid survey companies, however, as far as I can see, that is not really the case.
They really don't seem to be too interested in helping you at all; instead, it seems that they are primarily destined to help themselves since, from what I have seen, it seems that they are simply more interested in obtaining higher commissions. It is even rumored that Surveys2Cash has recommended flat scams like taking Surveys For Cash to people too ...
That's why I always advise you to be very careful if you want to try one of these survey aggregation sites ... And, in general, I recommend you avoid them completely because you can access my list of paid survey companies for free here. But let's take a closer look at how it works and see if there really is any benefit to you.

How does Surveys2Cash work?
Surveys2Cash states that all you need to do is register on your website and complete a questionnaire, and then send it through specialized offers that can make you earn money in your spare time. However, in reality, as I mentioned in the previous section of this Surveys2Cash review, that is not the case ...
The truth is that the people behind Surveys2Cash seem more upset with themselves than you, and that quickly became apparent when I tried to enroll ...Immediately on the registration page, they made the extremely bold statement of being able to earn $ 100 from my first survey, which in my opinion is just a completely extravagant statement:
In all my years of online work, I have never seen a legitimate paid survey site that pays so much money for surveys. Instead, the only sites I've seen that offer such large amounts of money has been scammed, such as Take Surveys For Cash. Anyway, I decided to press and register anyway just to see it for sure ...
However, to my surprise, after sending my name, email and age I discovered that they wanted much more. On top of that on the next page, they asked me for my address and my phone number ...Why does a "paid survey matching site" need that personal information that asked me.

Then it became clear, because after verifying its privacy policy I discovered that the Surveys2Cash website was owned by a marketing company based in Denver, Colorado.
The marketing company sells leads to online businesses and the Surveys2Cash website is how it generates them ... So effectively, by subscribing to Surveys2Cash, you are simply being "sold" to a third party. As you can probably guess, this means that you will receive a lot of spam if you enter your data ...But is there anything worthwhile at the end of everything in exchange for delivering that personal information? The short answer is no.
The long answer is noonoono. Heh, but seriously guys: Surveys2Cash offers nothing of value to people who sign up. The entire website is just a trick to enter your details so they can market BS products/services and even scams for you. I can say it with such confidence because after registering, they gave me access to garbage in this way:

And if I click or sign up for any of those things, then he is the creator of the Surveys 2Cash who gets paid at my expense ... As I said, the people behind this are just for them, not for you ... That's why I never recommend these things.
Save yourself the trouble and just take a look at my list of paid survey companies here.

How much can you earn with Surveys2Cash?
Well, the truth is that, following what I have said in this review so far, you will be much more likely to end up losing money as a result of signing up for Surveys2Cash than you will.
The reason I say that is because most of the offers that Surveys2Cash tries to register to claim that you are free, but in reality, they are only "free trials" that could make you charge considerable amounts if you forget to cancel the billing ...
And as I also mentioned, Surveys2Cash itself does not provide you with any survey or pay you money, it simply acts as an intermediary that connects you with other paid survey sites.
Therefore, I would recommend saving you the trouble of registering with Surveys2Cash and saving yourself the potential to lose money by not bothering with Surveys2Cash and consulting my list of paid survey sites here.
The people behind Surveys2Cash just set up the website so they can win at their expense; Actually, it is not intended for you as it claims to be. They just want to earn as many commissions as they can by tricking you into signing up for a lot of different things.

Is Surveys2Cash a scam or is it legitimate?
Surveys2Cash is not really a scam, but at the same time, it is not really a website that is meant to help you ... In fact, you intend to do the opposite. The creators of it just want to earn money at their expense.
However, because they mention that they are only connecting it with other companies and are not providing the surveys themselves, technically it is not a scam ... But it could result in you losing money.
I think they should make clearer what is happening ...
Also, if you enter your data on the Surveys2Cash website, then you will end up receiving much spam messages both on your phone, email and possibly your address, since your main interest is marketing things for you.
For those reasons, I would still avoid Surveys2Cash, although technically it is not a scam.

My opinion on Surveys2Cash:-
Honestly, there is simply no need to sign up for Surveys2Cash: it provides absolutely no value and the claims they make about giving you access to survey sites that pay up to $ 100 are completely false.
Everything, in my opinion has been clearly gathered just to trick you into delivering your data so that the people behind you can make you register as many BSs with which they are affiliated as possible so they can earn commissions on your expenses.
You will see that when they recommend a survey site and sign up, they get paid because they are affiliates, this is called affiliate marketing.
But there really is some good news here. First of all, you don't need to register with Surveys2Cash to see the polls because I have put a list of paid survey sites here, but the other good news is that you can also earn money as an affiliate.
I am proof of this: I now earn money as a full-time affiliate and it is something anyone can start with. You only need to recommend things online (products or services, etc.) and companies will pay you commissions in return.
You can start with affiliate marketing for free at Wealthy Affiliate.
Or, you can check out other interesting ways to earn money online on my best options page here.
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