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how to find lost phone?

How to find a lost phone, where the phone is: If you find a lost phone, how to search for a lost or stolen phone, what to do if you lose the phone, the location of the phone, or delete the phone's data, ring the phone, or You will also get information about how to lock the Find My Device post, so read it completely -

The phone occupies an important place in our daily life because Smart Phone does a lot of our work but if it gets lost or stolen, then we get upset because it also contains our data and if this phone is expensive then it is difficult To deal with this situation, it becomes very important to search for the phone.

To find lost phone, follow these methods first:-

You go back to all the places you went before you lost your phone - very often it happens that we go to a shop or any place where we use our phone and forget about it, so if If you find the phone lost, then definitely go to all the places where you went before losing the phone. It is possible that you will get your phone after asking about the phone at that place.

Contact the mobile number operator - With the development of technology, the last location of your phone can also be traced to your mobile number operator, but if the operator does not have any information about it, then you can use the service of your number. Can be stopped with help so that no one can misuse your phone.

Complain of losing phone with police - Often people lose their time in search of the phone or they stop trying to find their phone but if you report losing the phone to the police It can also be done that it may not take much time for the police to find your phone, and get your phone soon.

Apart from your mobile number, you must also keep a mobile serial number or IMEI number for reporting, this will help the police to lose your phone. If the lost phone is not found even after trying the police, then by reporting it, you will feel satisfied that if anyone uses your phone wrong now, you will not be responsible for it.

How to know where is the lost phone: -

The trick you are being told about here is that with the help of this, you can also ring your phone's location, or your phone's data delete, phone lock or phone, this is the best way because it is Google's own service. You can also search for a lost phone with the help of another phone or computer.a

For this trick, you have to login your Gmail account in the phone you have lost, only then you will be able to use this trick.


1.   To find a lost phone, first of all you have to open this link from Google's service Find Your Phone,or you can search Find Your Phone on Google too from search result link which is like -your-phone can open this link.

2. After this, you have to click on the Sign In To Start button and after that you have to login with your Gmail account which is open in your phone, you will need the email address and password of your Gmail account here.

3. After the completion of the Sign In Process, you will be shown the name of your device on which your Gmail account will open, you have to click on your device.


Now you will have many options open to control the phone in front of you and tell you what you can do-

1. Ring:  If you click on it, then your phone ring will start, and it will continue to ring for 5 minutes. If the phone is close to you, you will know.

2. Located -   If you click on Located then after this Google Map Open will be done and if your phone's location is on, then your phone will be shown where it is.

3. Lock Your Phone - If you want to lock your phone, then this option is very useful for you because after using it, your phone will be locked, and for this you will have to set a password and you can lock the button If you click, your phone will be locked, and it can be opened only with the password you have entered.

4. Try Calling your phone - If you do not know your number, then you can use your Friend Call from here and from here you can call from your Google Contact and Hangout.

5. Sign Out your phone - With the help of this option you can remove / sign out all your Google Account from your phone which you have used in your mobile, no one will be able to use your account.

6. Contact Your Operator - You can call your network operator and ask you to close your number or transfer all calls from this number to another number. Here you can get information about the last location of your number.

7. Consider erasing your device - From here you can delete the data of your phone and after this you can not see your phone lock, ring location. This option deletes all the data of your phone which does not include your memory card.

Apart from following all the steps mentioned, you can also get a report of lost phone from your mobile provider company coustmar care, if you have some service provided by the mobile company on your phone, then on that basis the company will help you. Can do.

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