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Hive Work Review-Is Scam or legit?

Hi guys I am a vishal today I am going to show some facts that will prove that Hive work is a scam or legal? Hive Work, sometimes called Hive Micro, is a micro-task site, similar to Amazon Mechanical Turk for anyone making extra money online. The only requirements to get started are English qualification and an internet connection.
The types of tasks you can find here include things that computer AI is not yet fully capable of (which helps improve AI learning). in this…
• a video timestamping
• Drawing borders around certain objects in an image
• Creating borders around headings in text documents
• Classify images
• Naming TV shows and movies from a clip
• And so on…
It does not take long for tasks to be completed and very little to be paid - but money can add up and you can eventually withdraw cash through PayPal or bitcoin.Members can complete work on any type of equipment. You can work from a desktop computer through the website ( or you can download the mobile app on your phone.

how does it work?
When you first enter Hive Work, this is what you will see (if on a desktop computer - you can also download the Mobile Hive Work app on your phone) ...You will see all the available jobs listed in the body of the page, your balance, payment details on the right and then some other menu options at the top.
Types of work:-
First of all you have featured jobs, which are the best payers available to you. As I am writing this I have 3 available jobs, one of which involves drawing polygons around roofs on a map (I'll go over this as an example next), another drawing bounding around headings in text documents. The box and the third one are text documents that include the bounding box drawing around the paragraph.
So all 3 of the featured jobs have to do with drawing boxes around something — which is pretty easy. In addition to the featured jobs you have the My Jobs section (mine is empty because I am using a new account and am not currently doing any jobs), and you have the new jobs section…
In total I had 13 jobs available to complete the job (3 specialized jobs and 10 new jobs). Nevertheless, each task has many available functions. If you take a look at the example below, one job has 60 available jobs and the other 5,000 are available! ...

Task 1:-
One of the best paid jobs available to me now pays $ 3.50 per 1,000 jobs, so let's take a look at it. The first thing you need to do is click "Take the aptitude test". You will have to take a short test before being accepted to complete any job. When you click to take the exam, a popup box will appear and you can start.

So in this example the job is to draw polygons around the roofs of primary residences (houses). You are given the necessary drawing tools and all you have to do is to draw around the houses as you can see here…
Task 2:-
Another work I will cite as an example is that this is where you have to timestamp short videos. What you usually do is watch short video clips where there are segments that you have to determine whether they are advertisements, movie trailers, TV promos, or TV programs - and then you have to use a simple tool Which they give you to identify where intro and outro are.
Quite simple?
These are the types you find in hive work. They are jobs that are very simple, yet a computer cannot complete them correctly (not yet). The human brain is still needed.
The badge:-
There is a section called 'My Badge' which is important to know about. You are able to get badges for achievements within various job categories, such as classification jobs and annotation jobs, and the badges you earn will determine what kind of jobs you are able to get…
For example, some Tasks are listed for which you may need to ensure that you are qualified before completing them.
The payment:-
To make a payment you must first have $ 10 in your account. The minimum requirement is to be able to withdraw money. Your options for withdrawal are PayPal and Bitcoin (may vary depending on the country you live in).
In my opinion these are excellent payment methods. PayPal is a great way of choice because it is reliable and regularly has old money - which you can transfer to your bank account or whatever you want - and bitcoin is a good option for all cryptocurrency enthusiasts.
How Much Money Can You Make With Hive Work?
The short answer is not MUCH. While there are people who have earned thousands of dollars from this platform, they have put countless hours into it and it is a very long time earned money.
The easiest way to get an idea of ​​how much money you can make through hivework is by taking a look at the leaderboard page, where they make a list of all the top earners of all times yesterday, last week and all time highest earners.
If we take a look at the people who made the most money yesterday ("Last Day"), as I'm writing this the highest-grossing $ 8.63. In total there were only 2 people who made more than $ 8 for the day and what you have to remember is that this is out of everyone working at Hive Work - all the little worker bees, who are over 100,000!So out of more than 100 people, only 2 made more than $ 8 for a full day.As if that is not disappointing enough already, it gets a little spoiled.
It seems that regularly earning over $ 8 / day is also something that is almost impossible to accomplish. If we take a look at the highest grossers of Last Week (at the time I am writing this), the person who made the most money made $ 38.73. Now if you take $ 38.73 and divide it 7 days a week, you earn an average of about $ 5.40 per day.
So while you may be able to earn $ 8 / day and possibly a little more, these are not the earnings you can realistically earn on a daily basis over and over again. The number is not a lie.You also have to keep in mind that these are putting in the top grossing ton. As you can see in the table above, the top 2 earners for the week completing over 9,000 tasks! Now of course there is no way to tell what kind of tasks these were, but no matter how you look at it 9k tasks a week.
Referral program:-
When you refer someone to join and they earn $ 5 completion tasks, you are paid a $ 1 bonus and receive an additional $ 0.50 bonus ... but only $ 5.30 Only after you receive any bonus, your referrals each receive a lot more. More than 1,000 tasks are to be completed. It depends how much each task pays, but usually they are speaking. All referral programs hardly deserve a second consideration. If you're going to take it seriously and have friends who are going along, why not give it up, but if you haven't really disappeared.
1.Not going through payment
I was able to get a ScamAdviser complaint from someone who had a payment that was not running for some reason, which you can see here ... Apparently some people have problems processing their payment. Is coming, which is clearly a major problem.
2.Low pay of course:-
The fact of the matter is that working with and completing hive work will not be very beneficial financially. You will earn very little and it is not worth that many people see this opportunity.Someone compared me to modern day slavery to review it to me (although you are very different from when you were not forced to work here ...) and I've also come across a complaint that brings up a very good point - which is that the money you make may not even cover the cost to charge your device that you're working on. ! In other words, the power required to power your device may be more than the money you get from working here.
3.Banned for no reason:-
Hive Work does not want a group of people to mess around as quickly as possible. They want workers who can take their time and do good quality, accurate work — thus their AI can learn to do things correctly.
To protect against potential misconduct against workers, they hold people back for a short time if they have something suspicious and / or you are not putting in quality work. Nevertheless, some people claim to be banned without any reason. And there are more reviews like this ... too many.Usually the ban lasts only 2 hours or so, but still, it is very bad — especially considering the fact that you are already working here.
Company behind it:-
Getting information about the company behind Hive Work was more difficult than it should have been. There is no "About Us" page or anything like that on the website. No company information is provided at all addresses, no contact number, no name. Nobody. I had to do a good bit of digging around to find out. Hive, which appears to be a company owned by HiveWork, is a FullStack AI company that develops AI products to help businesses.
There is no real mention of Hive Work on Hive's website (, but both locations share the same company's logo and it is true that Hive Work will be owned by an AI development company. They also mention on the website that they have "developed advanced capabilities in object recognition, facial recognition, transcription, and many other fields" —which falls within the area of ​​work that is being done in Hive Work.
Digging around and looking for more information about the company is to see if the place can be trusted, which I think it can do. Everything seems legitimate — I just don't get why they don't make this information more readily available — such as about us on the website or by adding another page.
Is Hive work a scam or legit?
No, this site is not a scam. This is a legitimate opportunity to make some extra money through a legitimate service. There are some hiccups and the salary is extremely low, but overall it is not in any way, size, or a scam.
Some people are calling it a scam, but these people are the ones who expected to make good money and then they came to know the reality that they would only make money, which is obviously disappointing.
Conclusion - worth your time or not?
Whether or not to work on hive work for a low salary is worth your time. It depends on what you are really looking for. Yes, the salary is very low, but there are some downs to this - such as the job being super easy and the ability to complete it anywhere that has internet.That said, it is going to be a waste of time for most people. But there are situations where I can see that it might be worth it, like you ...
• Too young to get a real job and want to earn extra cash
• You live in a very poor country where there is not much opportunity and it is worth making money in this way
• You are incredibly bored and think that if you do nothing you can die of boredom
Reward sites like Swagbucks where you are paid to take surveys, play games, full offers, etc. are already underpaid, but it is worse.
So just know that if you are deciding to join it then you will invest a lot of time and effort in trying to make money. I hope you like this review and found it helpful. If looking for better ways to make money in your spare time (and online), I recommend taking a look at this review which is given below.

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