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CashOG Review-is scam or legit?

Hello friends, today I am going to tell you some information about the recently opened cashOG scam site that looks like other scam sites that do not have owner information or contact details, so we can say that this site can be a scam first, let's do the honest cashOG review then make the decision of friends, should I join this site or not? I don't tell you not to join this site, I just tell you what should you do? After the review, you even want to join the site and take the risk that you can.

What is CashOG?
CashOG is a copy of other websites such as SwagPay, CloutPay, Paid4Clout, Kids Earn Cash, ReferralPay, CloutBucks, ViralDollars or ViralMarket.They claim that you can earn $ 500 the same day it starts and $ 10- $ 15 per referral, which seems too good to be true. I mean, why aren't there more people doing this? Can they earn much more than in their daily jobs? Do you know any job that pays $ 500 per day? I personally don't, so why didn't most people quit jobs they hate if they can earn $ 500 without doing a lot of work? In fact, there is no way to earn $ 500 online the same day you start, and anyone who says you can earn that kind of money is lying to you.

Yes, it is possible to earn $ 500 per day, but not from day one. Making a lot of money online requires time, effort and consistency. Apart from that, CashOG also states that you can get $ 25 by registering, but you are not allowed to withdraw that money, which means you cannot spend that $ 25 today. They want you to believe that you can earn free money without doing a lot of work, but the truth is that the owners are the only ones who benefit from this.I have exposed too many scams like this, so I know how they work and the red flags I should look for.

How the CashOG scam works?:-
The scam works in a way that wastes your valuable time and leaves you with less money. Many people get excited when they see their CashOG account balance increase and increases, so they promote CashOG like crazy. They share their links on social networks like Twitter and Facebook, upload YouTube videos that promote CashOG, they even share their links on Instagram ... They do their best to get clicks and link references. In addition to that, they also try to complete the tasks within because they believe they will be paid for it.

In the end, nobody gets paid. The owners of CashOG and the other scams are the only ones that benefit from other people's expenses. Let me ask you: how can they pay $ 10 per referral if nobody is paying to sign up? If they are not paid when people join, how can they pay members? You see, they don't have the CashOG site monetized with ads and they don't sell any products or services. So how do they make money? Do you even earn $ 500 per day? If they do not earn more than the money they claim to pay, it is clear that they do not pay. And the fact that they don't offer real products or services is a clear indication that they don't pay members.

What wants from you? :-
If they let you join for free, how can a scam be? Well, they don't pay and take advantage of people like you to earn money. They want you to share your referral link because they want as many people to register as possible, since the more records they get, the more email addresses and passwords they will collect. And once they have collected a lot of information, they will use it to earn as much money as of the things they will do is sell this information to other scammers and hackers, who will do the same. They will try to gain access to your personal accounts to steal the money that costs you so much to earn. For example, they will use your password and email address to see if they can access your email or PayPal account.

Some of the people cheated report that all their money was withdrawn from their bank accounts and PayPal.And that's not all! You should be careful with the tasks that you want to complete because those tasks are not legitimate at all. They require you to visit fraudulent sites that request your personal information and also require you to install programs infected with malware and viruses. This is very dangerous because it can damage your device, so I do not recommend you waste your time on those tasks.

False testimony:-
One of the great signs of scam that I have found is that the testimonials are the same testimonials from other scams like CloutPay or Paid4Clout.The scammers behind CashOG have used the same false comments and testimonials to make potential members believe there are successful members. As you can see here, the comment I found on (now is the same as the comments you can read on

These guys are not real members, so don't take your comments seriously! "Ambria N." You haven't joined CloutPay and CashOG, it wouldn't make sense! Proof of payment and video testimonials are also false. I know because the proofs of payment are the same as I saw on and the video testimonials are paid actors who have not used Basically, they get paid to say what the owners of told them to say.I will not publish all the evidence here because this publication would never end, but I think you understand the point.
Anonymous owners:- 
As you can see, there is no information about the owners of They do not mention their names and do not show any images of themselves. This is a great red flag because it means they are not being transparent about who they really are. But that is not all! I looked for on and it only has negative reflexes, as you can see: The site owner is using a paid service to hide his identity, which indicates that there is a reason he does not want other people to know who he is. There is no real criticism of out there. The only reviews I found are YouTube videos of members who want other people to join but don't show any real proof of payment. Therefore, I would not take those criticisms seriously because those members have not been paid.

Also, doesn't even have 2 months! This is something that proves that it was not created in 2015 and there is no way they have paid millions of dollars to members. Do not be fooled by the statistics of your site because they are all false! If real people get paid, don't you think there would be honest reviews of out there? Someone would have already published a real payment receipt.

Lack of support:- 
Another red flag is the fact that they lie about their email address. The email address they mention does not exist, which means they do not receive any message from members. They will not answer your questions or concerns because they will not receive your messages. They just don't want to hear from members because they only care for their own benefit. A legal and legitimate company would not lie about your email address, provide you with customer service or inform you how you can communicate with them. In my opinion, giving them your email address is unfair because they lie about yours. This is a clear indication that we cannot trust them.

CashOG Review is a scam?:-
There is no doubt that CashOG is a scam that only works for the unethical sellers behind it. It is not the number 1 influence network and its main objective is to take advantage of you. They have not paid any member, so I would not waste my energy on that. Scammers have created multiple versions of this fraud because this is how they can fool potential victims. They know that their scams are exposed, so they duplicate them with another name to scam more people. In other words, they don't want you to find publications like this CashOG review, so they keep changing the name of their scam once it has been exposed many times. Usually, I like to see the positive and the negative of each site/program I review, but the only positive thing I see is that I now know how this scam works and can avoid other similar scams in the future.

If you have been promoting, I recommend that you stop doing so to prevent other people from falling into this fraud. Promoting cashog is a waste of time and energy that you can use to do other things you love. What I decide to do is up to you, but I cannot recommend

What happens if you send visitors to legitimate companies?:-
Imagine, what would happen if, instead of sending traffic to fraudulent sites like, you sent traffic to legitimate sites? The answer is: they would pay you! That's right, there are legitimate sites and companies like Amazon that are willing to pay to help them make sales. You don't need to be good at sales, you just have to send them people interested in what they offer and that's it. When someone buys something through their link, they pay commissions. This is called affiliate marketing.

Affiliate marketing is a business that can give you a lot of freedom because it allows you to choose the products/services with which you want to earn money and also gives you the opportunity to earn passive income. I am living proof that this business works, as you can see here: I believe that anyone who is committed to learning and work can make this happen. It doesn't matter if you don't have previous experience or what is your native language.
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So thanks friends for reading my article, if you have any questions or suggestions, you can ask me via comments.


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