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what is web designing? diffrence between web designer and web developer.

Friends, too many of us are not even aware of this career so far. If you have creativity in it and you want to do something new which is related to technology, as well as something that is also fun, web web designing can prove to be a good career for you.Computers and Internet have been a major contributor to technology to reach the peak of development.

Today, the solution to the big technical problem is the computer, the solution to the smallest problem is also the computer. Just one click is enough to get any information. In today's time, every kind of information is available on internet websites.

But do you know a creative career behind the website designing is hidden. A career that can be your career as well as entertainment or a challenging puzzle, web web designing is such a career where instead of brush and paints for creativity, pixel, pointer, photoshop and visual elements are just your The tools are there.

Today web designing has become an important part of IT field. This is an area which if you feel good with heart then make your career in this area. To make a career in this line, you have to be always updated, to find new ideas, to have complete knowledge of the trends of the industry, besides the professional approach and timely completion of work as the area of ​​web designing and development There is plenty of competition. Let's first know.

It is called WEB DESIGNING to make any website attractive.
What is Web Designer
An attractive web designer gives an attractive look to any website. The main page of any website usually only works to attract readers. Web designing is suitable for those who have to design the website according to the new trends and present the content. Creativity is very important for this career.

Difference Between Web Designer and Web Developer:
As mentioned above, the main task of the web designer is to make any website attractive, as well as its main tools are pixel, pointer, photoshop and visual elements. The work of a web developer is to functionally program any website. Its main and html, css, javascript, php and other programming languages ​​are those which help build any website.

What are the courses in web designing?
There are a lot of courses under web designing that I'm going to tell you the following. These courses range from universities to many private institutes.

• Diploma in Graphic and Design
• Diploma in Certificate Course in Web Design and Web Production
• BA in multimedia
• Advanced certificate in web design and intective multimedia
• Graphic and web design short term courses
• Diploma in Advanced level web designing and web production

Educational Qualification for Web Designing Career:-
Being creative is the first condition of this career, but without academic ability, the dream of a career is incomplete. To get admission in the Bachelor Degree, it is very important to have 12th pass with 50 percent marks from any subject, whether you have done 12th from science, arts, commerce or any subject.

Where is the web designing career potential?
There is a possibility of better careers in many areas for any web designer. There are numerous possibilities of career in electronic media, print media, online campaign, social media and advertisement.

 How much can earn: 
Although there is no shortage of money in this area, you can get a job of 3000 to 5000 thousand dollars per month in the initial phase. Plus, you can also make a lot of money by freelancing. Freelancing what is it I will tell you in the next can make more money if you use upwork and fiverr as a seller you can get about 25$ per 1 website design so you can think how much you can earn.

So thank you friends for reading my article if you have any question or suggestion comment below.

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