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Tuesday, July 9, 2019

What is memory card and types of memory card?

What is memory card ?

Hi friends my name is Mahesh and today you are going to learn what is memory card and types of memory card so let’s start the article.We also call the SD Card full form Secure Digital Card, SD Card, which we use to store data, such as photos, videos, files, etc. Such memory cards are mostly used in mobile devices or used in digital cameras or DSLR cameras, but everyone knows about SD card but About the types of SD cards you very few people know

Whenever you take a memory card or whatever memory card you have, you have written something that has been checked in it. Now you will read what is written in such a way but knowing what it means is a little bit of a problem for you but we If you create a seat for yourself, then let us know about the categories of the SD card.

How many types of SD card:-
There are three types of SD cards: the first Normal SD Card (SDSC), the second SDHC, and the third SDXC, let's know about these three types of details, one by one.

1.SDSC Card:
The SDSC card is also called Normal Memory Card or SD Card, which is used mostly for mobile devices. The maximum storage of this type of memory card is from 128Mb to 4GB, i.e., whatever SD card you can take from 128Mb The SD card is up to 4GB, which is called the Normal SD card

2.SDHC Card (Secure Digital High Capacity):
The second type of memory card is the SDHC whose full form is Secure digital High Capacity, meaning that the memory card in this type is more than the storage capacity of the normal memory card i.e. the SDHC capacities range from 4GB to 32GB i.e. if you have There is also a memory card that is a memory card sold from 4GB to 32GB, it is the memory card of the SDHC category.

3.SDXC Card (Secure Digital Extended Capacity):
The third type of memory card is the SDXC which is a bit mega and its storage ranges from 64GB to 2TB i.e. if you have any memory card if the memory card is between 64GB to 2TB then the SD card SDXC type is the memory card

What happens in the SD card?
Now you have learned about the types of memory cards that how many types of it are, after which the SD card is the most important, ie the class which you have the SD card is of a class, then it is very important to go
The class in the SD card means that the speed of the SD card means that the speed of the read and write speed of the SD card is simple, so when you store data in your memory card, how long does it take, or your memory How much speed does it take when sending data from the card, it all depends on the memory card's class as if it is assumed that if your memory card is of class 2 then its read and write Peed would be if he would be Class 4, 6, 10, his speed 4mbps, will 6mbps, or 10mbps 2mbps

Class 10 comes after SD Card, UHS1, UHS3, which means Ultra High Speed ​​i.e. if you need speed of your memory card or SD card more than 10mbps then you can use UHS1, UHS3 type class Memory cards can be used, these memory cards are mostly used in 4K cameras

How to know which class is the SD card:-
Now you have learned about the types of sd card and class and now you will be wondering how will we know what memory card we have, what category is it for you, then you can use memory card or SD card ) May be written that which class is it and which category belongs to.
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