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Tuesday, July 2, 2019

what is fiver and how to make money from it?

Friends, Fiver is an online way of earning money, where you can earn money by giving your services to other people, but with the help of your skills, if you have a blogging affiliate SEO, Website Development or you get digital marketing or you If you know some specific things related to this, then with the help of those other people who need these services you can comfortably earn money from Fiver.

What is Fiver? 
Now let's talk about what is Fiver? Friends, this is an online marketing platform which helps any user complete their work by ordering the services according to their need, and the seller completes this order, in exchange for which the user pays the seller the order according to the order. 

Here you can earn good money by paying small services like if you think that you come with Photoshop well or you have to do a Logo Design, then you are here to make your profile according to your work. After which Jhrs to tell about your services if anyone would like to do things that will make you Order and will Pay Then have to pay to you they work.

If you are a buyer and you need any service from here, you get from Starting Service 5 $ here. Many services are available here after spending just $ 5.

How to earn money from Fiver? - Money Making Tips

So far, you have understood that what is Fiver? Now let's talk about how to earn money from Fiver? Friends, like I told you above that if you have a talent inside, like if you come to Designing a Logo or Editing or Knowledge related to Blogging then you can relax here Apart from that, if you have a passion to write, you can earn good money by writing a Guest Post for other blogs here.

You can use any kind of expert Talent you are working on here. To earn money from here, first you have to create an account on Fiverr and then after that you have to create a Gigs here, that means whatever you want to give services to the people, you have to tell them so that people will tell you Can order from After that you have to complete it and you get your money. Now let's know about some ways to earn money from Fiver, with whose help you can do a good Earnings.

Ways to make money from Fiver:-
Well there are many ways to earn money from Fiverr, with the help of which you can earn money from Fiverr, but now I am telling you the best and telling some of the topics that you can choose and work on Fiverr Can earn money from

1. Social Media Marketing
2. Logo Designing
3. Web Designing
4. Content Writing
5. App Development
6. Photo and Video Editing
7. SEO Services

1. Social Media Marketing -
Most people pass their time on social media sites and if you have more fan following in such a way then you can earn money from here, if you have Facebook, but Fan Page which has so many people, you use it For Social Media Promotion, you can do good Earning by sharing Promotional Links on Twitter as well.

2. Logo Making And Designing -
If you come with Coral Draw or Photoshop, you can do graphics designing, you can make money from Fiver by creating a creative logo here, there are many such websites that want to create a logo for their website. And look for designers who are a great logos, so you can earn money by working on this topic here, which is the most popular work here.

3. Web Designing -
These options are also very popular on this which many people are working on and making money from Fiver, if you come to Web Designing then you can do the work related to their website for the people, according to their requirements. Can earn money by completing

4. Content Writing -
Content Writing If your Writing Skills are good, then you can write articles according to the needs of the people here, and according to their topic, you can write an article of 700-1200 Words, of which you will get 5 $ or if your content If you are good then you can get more.

5. App Development & Making -
Application Making is also a popular topic, because there are many people who create an income-day app, if you want to create an app then you can make an application by charging it according to your app, and get good money for it. According to the quality of the app.

6.Photo and Video Editing -
If you come from Photoshop and you are an expert of editing, then you can earn money from Fiverr by doing Photo Editing and Video Editing here, working according to the needs of the people. People often find Fiverr's services on this method, which After finishing, they give you Minimum 5 $

Friends, if you talk about the most popular Catagory now, that is SEO, people who are most searched, income day becomes a new website, and require services related to it, according to the user's requirements here, For backlinks, website optimization and many things related to it, you can do tax and earn money from it.

So thank you friends for reading my article if you have any suggestion or question comment below.

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