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Sunday, July 14, 2019

what is bitcoin and how to buy and sell?

What is bitcoin?
If we talk about a simple language of bitcoin then it is a World Wide i.e. a virtual and crypto currency that runs around the world, which means that it is a money You can neither see nor touch, this is a kind of digital currency that you save on any Internet in Bitcoin Wallet and you can use it when you need it. It was like a money Land law of money, dollars, pounds, etc. are the same currency also has a currency different from just can not find it so see you leave or else, the price is always fluctuating of bitcoin.

It is a decentralized currency, which means that neither is there any authority nor any government authority on this currency, it is an open source currency, which was invented by Santoshi Nakamoto in 2009, at a price of 1 The price of bitcoin was around $ 0.003, but today its price is in thousands of dollars and people are competing to buy it in Bitcoin and know how to buy them before. After its use and what it should Documents What to buy

What is the use of bitcoin:-
1. You can use bitcoin to buy and sell online things as we know you have the money like this so that you can buy and sell anything online.

2. You can use Bitcoin for online inventions if you have an interest in investing and after some time you want a good return, you can use bitcoin, though it is not necessary that you are good with bitcoin. Can reduce money, it can also cause you loss.

3. Convert the bitcoine into money and send it directly to your bank account

How to know the price of 1 bitcoin:-
If you want to know the price of bitcoin, what is the cost of 1 biocoine at present or if you want to know the price of bidoin whenever you are in Dollar or Rupee, which is INR, then you have to Go to Google just search 1 bitcoin price in inr So Google will tell you how much of the price of bidoin currently is in India, so in this way you can find the value of bitcoin at any time.

What are the documents needed to buy Bitcoin:-
If you have to purchase bitcoine in India, then you have to have some necessary documents for it, then you can buy and sell bitcoins. Let's know what these are the documents.

• Voter ID card
• Aadhaar Card
• Pen Card
• Phone Number
• Bank account details

How to buy bitcoin and sell in india:-
Buying and selling bitcoin is not a tough if you have ever made an online payment, with the help of any website or mobile app, you can easily buy and sell Bitcoin for buying bitcoin in India. You will have to use a website or mobile app, and there is only two very powerful bitcoin companies in India where you can buy and sell bitcoins, which are named as Zebpay.com and Yun If you can buy and sell bitcoins from these two websites, then follow these steps to purchase bitcoin from these two websites.

 1. Sign up in the website:-
To buy bitcoine from any of the two companies, open the website and then sign up (i.e. register) as soon as you register, you will first have to enter your mobile number.

 2. Upload documents:-
Now you have to upload some of your required documents by scanning, whatever website you are asking for documents such as Aadhar card Pan Card, after filling all these details, you have to submit your documents. After this, within 24 hours, your account will be activated, you will receive an email or message that your account has been activated.

 3. Bank Details and Deposit Money:-
As soon as your account is activated, you will now have to add bank details so that you can deposit money in your account, in order to buy bitcoin, you have to deposit the money first, buy as much as you want to buy a bitcoin. But should be at least Rs. 1000, the amount of bitcoin which is to be taken is loaded from the bank in your account.

 4. Now buy bitcoin from rupees:-
If you are going to deposit the money then you will see Rupees in your account. After this, you can convert this money into bitcoin, then for this, by clicking on Buy Bitcoin you will get your money automatically after you buy bitcoine. In this way you can buy bitcoin

 → How  to sell Bitcoin?

After this, as soon as you go back later, you want to sell your bitcoin, you do not need to go for it. You can sell your bitcoin by clicking on the sale bitcoin on the website you purchased bitcoin. After this, by clicking Withdrawal you can send your money to the Direct Bank Account, your money will be deposited in the Direct Bank Account within 3-4 days, Can buy and sell online.

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