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What Are Cookies and How to Delete it?

   What Are cookies and its benefits?
There are many types of files in our mobile and laptop, the cookies of one of them are also a normal text file in our hard drive which automatically gets saved from the Internet. Whenever we open a website, all the information is saved in a file so that whenever we open a website again, it is easier to open any page related to it and thus we also have less time And data is also less costly. If technically speaking, it works like a kind of identification card which is very important for the advertising size and e-commerce website on the internet because it would be very effective for showing all kinds of ads related to them. is.

If you use the Internet regularly, you must have heard about cookies. As the name of their operating system is kept on the food items in Android mobile, the internet name is connected to a food item. So today we will tell you in the article what is cookies and how it works and what is the use of it.

   What is cookies?
Whenever you use any browser, whether it is Google Chrome or Firefox or Internet Explorer or any mobile browser such as Opera Mini or UC Browser, whenever you use these browsers and surf anything. His information comes from our phone or our computer as a file, as you have used which keyword and which website you have opened, then all such information will be saved in one file and keep it in our mobile computer data. Is given so that it can be used later.

   How does cookies work?
As we told you that whenever we search on the browser, their small files are saved in our computer or in our phone. This is sent to the website server as a message whenever we open a site or search some of its data, it is saved in a single file. When you go to the site, you see many things that you have already searched or you are interested in it. This is because our mobile or our computer is composed of a file of cookies, which means that all the ads are shown on the Internet accordingly.

There are many types of cookies, which have different jobs.
• Session cookies
• Persistent Cookies

• Secure Cookies

• HTTP Only Cookies

   Benefits of cookies:-
→  Use cookies easily and can also apply it.

→ It takes very little data to save the server's file which is a big advantage.

→  When our browser stops for any reason, we can open it again by opening it again.

→  Cookies help save time and save data too much.

   Losses of cookies:-
→ Users can delete cookies.
Blocking cookies in a browser can prevent them from being used.

→ In this, there is no addition to the concealax type data.

 → Their file size is not more than 4kb, which is an imitation, it supports us word and our user id which is very dangerous for security.
   Cookies Facts:- 
→  Cookies all depend on the browser as if you use Chrome browser, you will not be able to use their cookies in other browsers such as Internet Explorer, Firefox.

→ All browsers save almost one text file, which is called cookies.

→ It can also leak any sensitized information.

→ Cookies also depend on the domain as data taken from a domain will not be able to tell about the other domain.

→  Cookies files are about 4KB which can be of different sizes in different browsers.

   How to Delete or clear cookies?
You can find different different options for slicing cookies in the browser. I am telling you some options of Fire Fox here.

→  You open your Firefox browser.

→  After opting you go to the option.

→  After going into Option you will get Advance Name Tab.

→  Please click on it.

After clicking on it, you will be shown a tab by the name of the network.

→  Click on it and you will be told Cache data there. You can clear the cookies of your Firefox browser by clearing it.

So thank you friends for reading my article if you have any suggestion or question comment below.

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