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Thursday, June 20, 2019

What is Hacking and types of hacking?

What is Hacking and types of hacking?

Hi friends my name is Mahesh and today  you are going to learn about hacking. So let’s start the article.All you have heard about Cybercrime, if you have not heard, then I will tell you. Cybercrime is a crime in which hackers use computers to steal the data and personal files needed by other people's computers and blackmail them and ask them for a lot of money. Because of the cybercrime, many organizations that have been stealing data every year have to pay millions of crores of rupees to save their data.

This crime is increasing in the world of computer, and in this case everyone needs to keep their own company and business essential files out of these hackers. But the question arises here is how to save the necessary files kept in the computer from being stolen. If you want to know the answer to this question, please read this article, what is Hacking? And is it legal or illegal?

What is hacking?

Hacking means finding a weakness in the computer system and then taking advantage of the same weakness to blackmail the computer owner. Hacking is done through a human computer which we call a hacker and it has a lot of knowledge of computer and computer knowledge, so he specializes in stealing data from others' computers. When it comes to hearing the name of hacking, it is known that it is a wrong thing because it is illegal and can be punished by one person. But hacking every time is not wrong as all hackers are not the same, there are some good hackers and there are some bad hackers. Who are good and bad hackers and what they do, let us know about it further.

What is done in the history of hacking and ethical hacking?

Hacking has been a very big part of the computing over the last several decades. This is a very broad discipline, which covers topics of a wide range. If we first discovered when this was hacking then we would know that this was the first time MIT was used in the 1960's, and at the same time the term "hacker" was born and which was later also very popular.

If technically speaking about the process of hacking, then the main thing that needs to be done is to find possible entry points in any computer network or computer system, and then finally enter it. Hacking usually involves unauthorized access to a computer system or computer network. It is meant to either damage the system or to steal Mehjuda sensitive information in the system.

Hacking is often legal until a hacker detects the weaknesses of a computer system or computer network for testing purposes. This type of hacking is called Ethical Hacking.

A computer expert who hacks itself is called "Ethical Hacker". Ethical Hackers are those who always use their knowledge to gain knowledge, how to operate the systems, how they are designed, and sometimes to test the system's security strength.

Types of Hacking:-

We can divide the Hacking into different categories, for this, we will look at what is hacked. In order to convince you, you present some examples to people

• Website Hacking -
This type of hacking means that obtaining unauthorized control over a web server and its associated software such as databases and other interfaces.

• Network Hacking -
This type of hacking means to get all the information above any network and for which there are many tools like Telnet, NS lookup, Ping, Tracert, Netstat, etc. The main purpose of doing so is to damage the network system and its operation.

• Email Hacking - 
This type of hacking means that the hacker gets unauthorized access on his email account without the owner's permission. Later, he is supposed to use his illigal works.

• Ethical Hacking - 
This type of hacking means helping the owner to identify and fix the weaknesses of any system or network. These are a safe hacking process in which all tasks are done under the supervision of the owner.

• Password Hacking -
This type of hacking means that secret passwords are recoverable from data that are stored or transmitted in a computer system by a computer system.

• Computer Hacking - 
This type of hacking means that the hacker knows the computer system's computer ID and password, using the hacking methods, which makes it unauthorized access to any computer system. With this, owners are at risk of stealing their data.

How many types of hackers are there?

Basically hackers are of three types, two of which are bad hackers who harm people by doing bad things and a good hacker who protects us from both of the bad hackers. The good hacker is called the White hat hacker, the bad hacker is called the Black hat hacker and which comes between the two, which means both good and bad work is done by Grey hat hacker.

1.Black Hat Hacker:-

Black hat hackers are those who get into your computer without your permission and steal your personal data such as corporate data, fund transactions details, ATM card details etc, which we keep in computer, which these hackers Steal and take the wrong advantage of our power and demand ransom for us. Black hat hackers are very bad and they damage the second for their benefit.

2.White Hat Hacker:-

White hat hackers are those people who do the complete opposite of the Black hat hacker i.e. they allow the hackers to check the security of the computer, they just do it to know or to help any company How strong is the security of their system and whether that security can be easily broken. White hat hackers are also called ethical hackers.

3.Gray Hat Hacker:-

Gray hat hackers are those who do not have any intention of indulging in something with others' data on computer or destroying their system and they do not want them in return. But still try to hack others using computers without their permission. They do this just because of how they do hacking so they do not mind because they are not black hat hacker and they tried to hack the computer without permission, so they are not even a white hacker, such a hacker We call gray hat hacker.

4.Miscellaneous Hacker:-

Except for the second class of hackers, they are also divided for their hacking methods. So let's know more about this.

5.Red Hat Hackers:-

Red hat hackers are called those which are a mixture of both black hat and white hat hackers. They primarily aim to hack government agencies, top-secret information hubs, and all those things that are related to sensitive information.

6.Blue Hat Hackers:-

Blue Hat Hackers are called those who are often freelancers and do not work for any companies, but they have complete information about Network Security, apps, software. Such hackers use companies to know the loopholes of their products, for this, they provide them the beta verison of products, and ultimately they help companies very much in this work. Companies also provide them a lot of good money. Many companies organize similar competitions such as to encourage blue hat hackers.

7.Elite Hackers:-

This is a social status between hackers community, which only gets to the selected hackers who have exceptional skills. If so, then he is the most accomplished player in his work. All newly discovered exploits are the first of these hackers.

8.Script Kiddie:-

A script called kiddie is called a non-expert in its field and uses pre-packaged automated tools to penetrate someone's computer system, which is written by some others. They do not know anything about these tools, how they work, and that is why they go to Kiddie.


These are the hackers that are "n00b", or "newbie" or "green hat hacker". These people are often new to the field of hacking, which does not know anything about hacking and its technologies.


A hacktivist is called a hacker that technology is used to hack social, ideological, religious, or political message. Most of them use website defacement and denial-of-service attacks.

So thank you friends for reading my article if you have any question or suggestion you can ask us via comment.

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