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Thursday, June 27, 2019

keyword revealer review

If you are building niche sites you will need to best keyword research tool and not just for niche sites  but also multi niche sites because it is very hard and difficult to rank 1st without researching keywords and if you are doing longtail keyword research you must use keyword research tools. and hence we are going to discuss about keywords research site named keyword revealer we know that best keyword research tool is most important for new blogger and old also. so let's start knowing some facts about keyword revealer tool i am using it.

Keyword Revealer:

If we talk about keyword revealer tool it is best to research long tail keywords also. they are providing free account also to their user but free account has some limits in a day to use if you use free account you will able to search just 3 keywords a day so you can try 3 to 4 days now let's see how to use keyword revealer i have shared screenshot of keyword revealer.

Now you can see all of the details of keyword has been shown if i want to write article about google keyword tool i can get 33000 visitors a month and cpc is around 5.58$ per click and then i will see competition or we will click on difficulty and see more info about this keyword.

Now if i want to rank 1st in this keyword i have to use this keyword
in url 30% matching and title 30% and description and h1 tag now 
then. i will scroll it and see other info.

To rank 1st i will need to 34 domain authority and 24 page authority if i follow this things i can easily rank in this keyword. so i will suggest that you must use this keyword revealer tool because it is best to research keyword. if you do not know how to increse domain authority read this article.if you want to create account in this tool visit here : Keywordrevealer

So thank you friends for reading my article if you have any question and suggestion comment below.

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