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Wednesday, June 19, 2019

how to stop invalid activity in blogger website

Hi friends my name is Mahesh and I came here with new script for blogger about how to stop invalid click activity in blogger. So without wasting time let’s start the article.we know that if we use wordpress we can get many plugins to stop invalid clicks but
if we use free platform like blogger we can get nothing to protect our adsense account from invalid clicks.and now wordpress is too costly for new blogger they generally take 20$ per hosting to build site in wordpress so many new blogger can not afford it because  new blogger have to pay 20$ hosting+100$ theme+20$ webdesigner=140$ Investment so new blogger can not invest huge this so I came here with new blogger script with which your adsense will be protected no one can do more than 1 click in a day in your adsense.

I made video about this topic so please watch that full video of youtube link given at below. Then follow all steps have done in video and download this script.

Now I will tell you how this script works if you paste this script in blogger for example if 1 visitor comes and do 1 click in your adsense placed ad no problem but if he clicks more than 2 clicks all adsense ads will be stopped showing to that visitor and for that visitor no adsense ads will be shown still 48 hours so this script is goods for new blogger to keep their adsense safe.

So thank you friends for reading my article if you have any suggestion or question about this topic you can comment below.

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