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how to stop adblocked visitors in blogger website

Hi friends my name is mahesh today you are going to learn how to stop adblocked visitors in our webstie.we all know very well that to write article we learn a lot and then we will publish articles in our website to earn money and to provide information to visitors who comes in our website but to earn money we place ads in article because without getting money no one will do anything. sometime some adblocker user visitor comes in our site and we do not earn anything from them and we have to suffer from loss. if you are wordpress user you will get many plugins but if you are using blogger you will not get anything to block that time of user so i came here  with solution let's start the article.for blogger who use blogger to build site.
STEP 1:-
Go in your blogger layout and go in add java script and add html java script and copy the code which is given below.
STEP 2:- Antiadblocker txt file download:
                                      Download From Here

STEP2:- copy this code from script to script then go in layout of your blogger dashboard then add html script and paste this code then click on save arrangement no you have done all steps.

So thank you friends for reading my article if you have any question or suggestion about this topic ask me via comment


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