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how to drive traffic in blog in 2019

Hi friends my name is mahesh and today you are going to learn how to drive traffic in your blog in 2019. now all new bloggers know that everyone tell us that if we want to increase traffic,we need to create backlinks but this is just joke now, if we go in anyone's website try to comment our website link the author of website will spam our comment so the questions is how to create backlinks without getting approval of today i will tell you the best Mehods to drive traffic in your website. so let's start the article.

 # These are the methods to drive traffic in blog in 2019.

1. Guest post
2. Social media
3. fiver
5. Youtube 
4. backlinks(my opinion)

1. Guest post:

we know that without getting profit nobody will give you chance to go ahead in not just blogging but any i have personally recommend to write  Guest posts in some high quality websites when you write guest post for high quality website you can easily upload your website link in that article so i will suggest you to write maximum 20 guest posts in 20 different websites so you will get traffic in your blog easily. as many visitor reads your post and if they attract in you they will start visiting your site as well.

2. Social media:
Social media is another popular way to drive traffic in website not for just new blogger but also for old create account in every social media like ,facebook,instagram,and yarabook create your account in this 3 social media and whatsapp also and make more friends from us,uk,germany by searching name and follow them they will follow you, so you can easily get traffic in your website for example if you make 2000 friends in facebook and you write 1 article daily and post it in facebook so you can minimum get 200 visitors from facebook and after combining other social network you can easily get 1000 visitors it is not easy but hard work is just option to get succeed.


this is instant traffic giving method but in this method we need to create account and post ads carefully now i will tell how this will work first create account in fiver note do not create account with the email in which you have your website try other email then post ad it is free and tell in ad that i want to design my website like.... in this dots write your site name and then write i will pay 50% advance after giving your site link in that dots you will get approval message from fiver as 
soon you will get approval every one will visit your site to see design of your site and you will get visitor and when anyone ask you tell them i already  designed my site.


if you are a new blogger and you want to drive then i will suggest make a youtube channel and upload videos about your articles for example i wrote article about how to get high cpc in adsense so make video in this topic also like how to get high cpc and put your website article link also at the description so you will get two benefits first you will get traffic in your site and youtube channel as well you can earn from both networks so try this method also i am using this method and you don't believe that my 50% traffic comes from my youtube channel.

5.backlinks in my opinion:

everyone will tell you to drive traffic in your site you need to create backlinks and some of them will also write articles and
videos as well but i tell you the truth that they are making money from you because for example a blogger who wrote article in his website about top dofollow backlinks sites if you 
go in his and write comment and insert your site link he will spam your comment nobody will approve your comment if you mention your site link in any website so tell me how backlinks can work so i will suggest you create backlinks for just increasing domain authority not for driving traffic use above 3 methods this will help you a lot to drive traffic in your website than backlinks and again i think backlinks will not work in 2019 and ahead of this so use i will recommend you use that 3 methods to drive traffic.

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so thank you friends for reading my article and please share it to your friends and if you face any problem or you have any suggestion you can comment below.


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