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Wednesday, June 26, 2019

bidvertiser review

bidvertiser review

Bidvertiser is an adnetwork which is cpc based network and their cpc is almost 0.01$ per click which is average cpc but if you get traffic from us,uk,etc you can get 0.05$ cpc also but it is very low in the comparison with adsense or other network but other adnetwork requires traffic to get approval and in bidvertiser we can get easily approval so if you are getting low traffic it is good option but if you are getting high traffic you can use adsense or
so let's review of this adnetwork.

Traffic Requirements: No(if you get 10 visitors a day also you can get approval)

Language: any language articles no problem.

Ad Types: banner ads, pop under ads,slider ads etc.

Payments method: paypal,payza etc.

Minimum threeshold: 10$

if we think that this adnetwork is real or not, i will say that this 100% legit network and you will get paid but they do not count more than 1 Click per user so you will earn low money. i will recommend you this adnetwork if you get 12 to 60 visitors a day but if you get more than 100 to 300 visitors day you should use adsense or infolinks,adslop also which is best for you.

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