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Friday, June 21, 2019

Adslop Review scam or legit?

Hi friends today i am going to tell you newly launched adnetwork named adslop and i will show you that this site is legit or scam first i am sure that this site is not scam because adslop's owner is clicksfly url shortner team and they are paying all the payments in their first site named clicksfly even
i am personally using both in my site to short url and i have placed ads of adslop in my site also So they are honest so i can tell that this site is 100% legit.

Adslop is cpc,cpm,and cpa network and they show sometime cpc ads and cpa ads also if i tell about their cpm rate which is very law you will get 0.0001$ per 2 impression so it is not nice thing but even you can use this network without any problem but make sure that without inserting real category of website you can not able to use this site.

I dont have the payment proof of adslop but by knowing name of owner of site we can tell that they are 100% legit and they will pay you can complain also if you face any problem.if you think this site is not legit or any problem happened with you. comment below  .

Thank you for reading my article comment any problem if you faced.

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