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How to viral youtube videos 2019

How to viral youtube videos 2019

We are going to learn today . How to quickly increase views on YouTube videos? How to get ideas on YouTube videos? Etc. Character We struggle to get ideas on its video after creating a YouTube channel, but still we can not get the view, which means that they do not get traffic from YouTube. For this, today we will tell you how easy you can make your YouTube video viral, I will tell you 10 ways that are of great value to you.

Best methods to do viral youtube videos

1.Analysis trending video:
Before you make viral YouTube videos, you have to see what video I have viral on YouTube in the last 24 hours and considering what the video is, you have to upload it to the subject and upload it to the subject

2.First 48 hours:
For your YouTube video viral, you should get maximum view on your video 48 hours I can bring my thoughts on my video by promoting my videos and Google marketing.

3.Use Google Trends:
Google's trend is Google's free product, so that we can see trending topics, using it, you have to see what is the latest trends in India and make a video on this topic.

If there are comments on your video, all comments are also viral due to comments.

You need to get paid advertising, promotion and the help of some youtubers and bloggers, as much as your video will share.

5.Likes and dislikes:
If your video has more than 80% likes, then your video can be viral and if the video dislikes much, then that video will never be viral.

6.Quality of video:
To make the video viral, if the quality of your video is good, then the quality of the video should be good, so people will love your video and your video will be post-viral.

7.Length of video:
The video only gives you 5-7 minutes of time and till I teach you the language, try for a long time so that people will love your video more.

8.Average view duration:
To make the video viral, if your viewer has seen more than 60% of your video, even if your video is viral, then the viewer does not need to watch your video completely.

so thanks friends for reading my article and please tell it to your friends. and comment below if you face any problem.


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