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What is Android Q?

What is ANDROID Q?

Do you know that Google is aware of its mobile operating system Android Q Google has released its Android version 10.0 a few days ago and has named it Android Q. It has added very new and exciting features in the Android phone. It can install the OS. In this post we are sharing the complete information about the Android Q operating system in Hindi I am sharing what is new and how to install it Google has finally announced launch of Android Q Beta and Android 10.0 Quindim. There are new things in this OS that will soon be launched for smart phones.6 different Beta previews are coming in August 2019, after which it will be rolled out in all the phones In this post we are telling you about what Android Q is with you and what new features are available in it


Android Q is the next Android operating system update, this is Google's newest Android operating system's newest mobile operating system In this Google has infused many features. You can use this new operating system Android Q as the rest of the operating system.Google has launched Android Q Beta 1 version a few days ago, which is now available for download at Android Q is the latest and the latest Android version operating system in all of these For Android's exact information, read the post that you have Android.

What are the new features of ANDROID Q?

Google has added several new features to its new Mobile Operating System Android Q or Android 10.0. Android Q Features
Let's know what is the new feature in the Android Q operating system.

1. Privacy and Permissions:-
Google has focused most on privacy in this new operating system Android Q. In this, users will be able to decide which apps are required to pay.In all the mobile operating systems launched so far, you can only control location permissions. You now have control over all apps.

2. Foldable Phone Support:-
You've heard about the foldable Screen Mobile Phone. Google has also designed this new Android Q operating system for flexible smartphones of Samsung and Huawei Jesse smartphone maker companies.

3. Sharing Shortcut:-
Through this new operating system, users will be able to easily share data with any other device. For this, users will get features such as shortcut sharing. Apart from this, services like Camera, Connectivity, Gaming and Neural Network API will also be available.

4. Device Location:-
Users will get more control over the location This app will only work if it's running at all times or background. The user can never allow the app to see the location.

5. System-wide Screen Recorder Tools:-
The Android Q system can also record the screen content of its mobile with the help of the White Screen Recorder Tool feature. With this process, he can also record his voice and share it.

6. Downgrade Support:-
In the operating system so far you have only seen the option to upgrade apps. But now you can also downgrade the app to Android Q.

7. Emergency Shortcut:-
This new operating system will also include a new Emergency button. Which can be accessed from the power menu. Through this, the user will be able to call Emergency calls in a short time.

8. Notification Management:-
An advance version of the notification management system may be available in the Android Q operating system. Manage notifications can be portrayed in place of manages.

9. Dark Mode:-
Nowadays all the apps are in dark mode. The Android Q operating system will get dark mode feature in Power Safe mode.

10. PiP Mode:-
In Android Q, users can get PiP mode. Just like many apps can be played on a small screen simultaneously in Samsung phones, in the same way they can be played in another phone.

11. More Permission:-
We still do not have complete control over our phones. Google users can give more permissions to the Android Q operating system, and Eug├Ęs can access more than ever 

12. Screenshots Notch:-
The Android Q Operating System Mobile Answer will remove your screenshot and you will also get your footprint. By the way it was needed, but it has support for Android's new operating system.

13. Native Support:-
Android Q will have a basic support. In fact, you will be able to control the depth of the Android Q This is a big feature.

14. Desktop mode:-
Android Q is coming in desktop mode, this is also being talked about, a lot has not been told about it. So do not tell more about it.

15. Performance:-
We all can understand that the performance of the new version is better than the old version. In the same way, Android Q's performance is far better than Android Pie.

16. Scope Storage:-
This will give you more control over access to shared files. Users will be able to control access to apps for photo, video and audio collections, which will throw away new runtime permissions.

How to install ANDROID Q in your smartphone?
You can now install the Android Q Beta version only in pixel smartphones. Follow the steps for this.If you want to get back to your earlier version operating system, go to the Android Beta website and click on the opt-out option.
When is ANDROID Q or ANDROID 10.0 coming?
Android Q Launch Date: Beta version of Android Q was launched on March 13, 2019 only. The beta 3 version launches in April 2019 will come in Android Q beta 2 and May.The final incremental update will be released in June 4th, its full version will be launched in July Beta 5 or 6 and
in August 2019.

What name is ANDROID Q given?
Google has not given any official name to this Android Q operating system yet. But it can be announced soon,It's hard to say anything about this, but Google's new operating system name is one of them.

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