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Wednesday, May 22, 2019

how to watch game of thrones in all countries

Hi friends I am Mahesh and today you are going to learn how to watch game of thrones all episodes live on your pc or anroid first of all if you like the show of game of thrones and you want to watch but you can not watch then you are in right I will show you the all process to watch game thrones all season no matter which device are you using?. So let’s start the article.

Step1:- first download application in your pc or android devices from here: Click Here  then click in that application and open the app and scroll down.

Step2:-  now  you will see “whatstar series” click on  whatstar series now it will open.

Step3:-  then you will see the option  “search bar” like  image  given below.

step4:-   now write “game of thrones” in search bar then click on this search button you will see game of thrones box click on that  images given below see:

Step5:-  now you will see the option of all of seasons of game of thrones like chapter 1 to 8 you can see whole series anytime you want.

Step6:- now you have successfully done all steps you can watch all of episodes see image given below after click in above chapter 8.

So thank  you friends for watching my article if you like my article please share it to your friends and if you face any problem you can simply ask me thank you.

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