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how to submit sitemap to google from mobile

Hi friends today we are going to learn how to submit sitemap to google. You all know very well that if we want to get organic traffic from google first we have to  submit sitemap of our website to google webmaster tool and then our website can see in google so let’s start how to submit our
Website to google webmaster.

Step 1:-  first open your blogger then click on view blog. .

Step 2:-  copy your blog website url. 

Step 3:-  then paste your website url  click generate sitemap  go Click Here like given below.

Step 4:-  copy all thing after pasting url like given below.

Step 5:-  Then go in blogger dashboard and click setting then click on search preference see image which has been given below.

Step 6:-  then scroll down page and you will see the option of custom ads.txt see in given below image. And press edit.

Step 7:- after clicking on custom ads txt edit you will see two option “yes” or “no” now click on yes option see image which has given below.

Step 8:-  then paste all text  which we have copied from sitemap generator website.see image which has been given below. Then click on save changes.

Step 9:-  after you will see the option of google search console click on edit option. See image which has been given below. 

Step 10:- now click on your website if you have not added you can simply add by select the option of “ Add property” which is given right side.

Step 11:-  after selecting your website you will redirected in your webmaster console dashboard then click on “ Crawl” after you will see the option of sitemaps click there and go to new Report option. See image given below.

Step 12:-  then copy this words atom.xml?redirect=false&start-index=1&max-results=500 and paste it like this image in sitemap. then click on submit you have sucessfully submited your sitemap.

Thank you friends for reading my article if you face any problem comment below and I will reply as soon as possible.

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