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Sunday, May 5, 2019

How to Promote After Publishing a Blog Post?

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Hi friends today we are going to learn how to promote your article after publishing so many of blogger who are new in this field they are thinking that why they are not getting but to get traffic We need to promote our articles in elsewhere via backlinks and social media promoting so today I will tell you some tricks to promote your blog post so let’s start the article.

How to Promote After Publishing a Blog Post?

How to Promote After Publishing Blog Post ?, if you are a blogger and you are continuing Blogging. But if you have traffic on your blog only then this post is very important to you. Traffic is important for every blogger, just writing a good post is not the only way to increase traffic. You should promote it after writing a post. You can follow these methods by promoting a blog post in this post and increase your blog by 50%.

How to Promote After Posting a Blog Post?

 2 Facebook
 (A.) Facebook Page
 (B.) Facebook Group;
 (C.) Add URL our Profile;
3. Twitter
5. Linkedin
6. Email Newsletter
7. Youtube
8. Quora
9. Guest Post

How to Promote After Posting a Blog Post?
After writing a post on your blog, where do you shere, Google Plus Facebook and Twitter do you know there is still a lot of places where you can post your site here, where we shere to the post here After knowing about the blog post, tell him to say Shere.

 1.Google +:
The best way to communicate with Google Plus for Blogger Blog is that nearly 80% of people use Google Plus after Facebook, so after Blogger for Facebook, the Send Number of Blogger, Blogger gave Google Plus Automatic Post Shere facility happened. But friends, let me tell you Google Plus is closed on April 2, 2019. Now we can not work on it. but Unfortunately Google + has shut down but you can use their
mobile app.

Facebook has been a popular social networking site for the last 10 years. You can also promote your blog post with the help of it. The good thing is that you can also post your blog by posting a blog on Facebook to friends of your friends You can also convey your message on Facebook when someone will like or comment on your post, then all his friends will get this information.
 (A.) Facebook Page:
Create a Facebook Page with the name of your blog and every new site of your site on it Shere. How many people can Like your Facebook page Invite all the friends to like this page and also to your friends Invite their friends to invite
 (B.) Facebook Group:
Yes, create a group separately for your site, add your friends to it and ask others to add also to your site's Post Group. When you do this by post in this group, add one group to this group If you have 500 people in your group then some people will come to your post, so this will help you to increase the traffic of Blog

Twitter is also becoming a top social network like Facebook today. You also post your site on this post, Title and Link Tweet because we can not share words more than words word on Twitter. and you can use advance search also.

 4. Pinterest:
You can increase your blog's traffic by sharing a photo of your blog on Pinterest, but if you use your own good photos in the blog, then I will suggetion that you must use Pinterest.

 5. Linkedin:
Those who use linkedin and your post is linkedin, want to read them, please share them on Blog Post linkedin and try to aakarshak your audience.

 6. Email Newsletter:
This is a very good way to promote blog post, create an email service for your blog and ask your visitors to subscribe, whenever you add a new post to the blog, every subscriber will receive a new post notification. Old visitors come back to your site with the help of the newsletter if you have not used it in the email newsletter blog.

 7. Youtube:
Youtube is a google service that shows results first in google but if you want to increase the traffic of blog, then you should make every post on your site video and upload it on Youtube. Other you can earn money by making a post of your site on Youtube on YouTube.Now you may be wondering how to create a video to upload on YouTube, there are many software to create a video, with the help of which you can post video of your site on YouTube, most of the video making software is Paid But Free You can make video of your website post.

 8. Quora:
Quora has a question answer network site. You can promote your site by sharing a post of your site on it. When you answer people's questions on Quora add your site link and ask people to come to your site. If someone asks a question on Quora, your post will show up if you want to increase traffic to your blog then you must use it
 9. Guest Post:
Yes, you can ask a successful blogger, the website owner to share the post of your site, if he likes the method, then he will share your post, so that you can easily get a lot of visitors, By sharing your guest post in the blog, you can read the traffic of your blog to a great extent by following the methods described in this post.

so these are the methods to promote your articles after publishing and thank you for reading my article if you have any question you can ask me by comment.

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