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how to get high cpc in adsense 100% working trick 2019

Hi friends my name is mahesh and today we are going to learn how to get high cpc in adsense this trick is proven by me.i will share you the screenshots of my clicks so let's start the get high cpc in adsense you need to follow my instructions and execute all things that i will tell you so these are the things that effect in adsense cpc if you are not getting traffic from high paying countries like uk ,us,australia,etc.   

 These are topics to get high  cpc

1. CTR
2. Page views
3. Ads placement
4. Traffic(Exception)


In order to get high cpc you will need to maintain your ctr from 0.70% to 0.90% if your CTR is between 0.70% to 0.80% you will get minimum cpc around 0.15$ to 0.16$. and remmeber if you will get click in high CTR your cpc will be low automatically. so please maintain CTR and i will tell you in ahead that how to place ads to maintain low CTR.

2. Page views:- 

In order to get high cpc you shall have to add more than 7 ads per page means per article.and i suppose that you know how to show more than 7 ads per page. if you get 100 visitors a day and if they view your page full 100*7 means 700 impresson per day so your CTR will be low.

3. Ads placement:-

to get high cpc ads placement is very important so place ads inside and the places where generally user do not click because if sidebar user will not click in your ads intentionally your CTR will be low automatically and if user clicks in your  adsense ad intentionally it will decrese your invalid click rate as well. so place ads inside the sidebar below title and footer where generally no one will click. one doubt will come after reading this topic that if user will not click in adsense ads earning will be low but i think you are wrong if your CTR will low and user will click less in your adsense ads you will get cpc and adsense will be safe also i am using this method and i am getting 0.12$ average cpc from india and 0.22$ average cpc from outside countries. so just try this steps friends.

4. Traffic( Exception):-

you will understand everything by the name of this topic that this is not a topic but this is an Exception in adsense if you are getting high quality traffic from uk,us,australia,germany etc. you don't need to think about this topic because the cpc in this side is almost 1$ to 2$ per click but yes you must think about your CTR because if your CTR is high it is too many chances that your adsense account will get disabled. so just think about CTR.

So friends thank you  for reading my article if you face any problem you can simply ask me at the comment i will reply as soon as possible.

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