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How to reduce image size

Hi friends my name is mahesh and today i am going to show you how to reduce your image size.we know that if we want to upload images somewhere we will need to reduce size of images because without less size images we can not upload it suppose if you want to apply in government exam and when you upload your real captured images they reject to upload it because they require less size images. for example suppose i have my image which is 2.19 MB size and government site accepts minimum 50 KB size so if we will upload our 2.19 MB image in that website they will not accept so i have come with the solution by which you can easily reduce your image size from 2 MB to 10 KB so let's start steps.

Step 1:- First i will open one of my image which is in my phone and then i will show you after reducing size of that image.

Step 2:- so you can see i have image more than 2.19 MB size so to reduce it first download this app from here:

Step 3:- Then open the app and select the option from  take image or select image and click on reduce image option.

Step 4:-  and now select the option which has been given in below image i will suggest you select (DVGA) option.                                              

Step 5:- Then click on these right side  three dots if you did not understand see the image given below.

Step 6:- now select the option of save as and save it where you want to save.                                      

Step 7:- Then click on save now you have done all steps.

So now let's check the image size after doing some work in by the app.                                                                            

So friends you can check the image size which is just 54 KB you can upload it anywhere you want so thanks for reading my article and please share it and if you face any problem you can simply ask to me via comment I will answer soon as I got notified.

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