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Wednesday, May 8, 2019

How To increase Page loading Speed of Website

How to Increase Page loading speed of Blog Website

Hi friends today, I will tell you such tips that will help you to improve your website's performance by increasing page speed of your blog by working on your blog's page loading time can Impact is on the search engine ranking. Because Google emphasizes fast speed blog website.

How to improve website speed

Website loading time is 1 second, so it's great for website speed SEO. Since our site's page load time is low, then the search engine will not rank higher in the result page. With fast loading of blog, our visitor stops at our blog for much of the time. This can reduce the number of visitors to our site. The website will be as fast as the user likes, all tips have been given below.

1: - Use Simple Theme On Website:
Do not use too heavy design to best design your blog. When designing a blog, keep in mind that at least javascript should be used, as the speed of our site decreases with more javascript code. Due to which you have double damage. Also from Google with traffic If you also want to increase the pagespeed of your site then follow our tips on how to increase pagespeed of bolg.

2: - Compress Image:
The reason for any website's loading speed is higher due to the image used in the website. Our blog speed decreases with images, so compress the images you use on your blog or website.

3: - Make less use of Widgets in Blog:
If your website is on wordpress or blogger, and you are adding too much widget, then pagespeed of your site is reduced. And it will take time to load your site. This will bounce from the user site. Use less widgets in your blog so that the website can quickly load into user's browser and it will also make our visitors happy. And our website's SEO will also be right.

4: - Use Best Web Hosting:
If you are on google's free blogging platform blogger then you can not get any problem for site speed If you're on wordpress then select the good company's web hosting. In order to reduce the site's loading time, internet users prefer 2 seconds to load sites. Do not like sites with more than 2 second time.

5: - Don't show too much post on the homepage of the website:
If you post more on your blog's homepage then your site speed may be slow. I believe you do not show more than 5 post shows on your blog's homepage, it will be best responsive.even you want to show too much post I will recommend you to use google amp blogger tamplates by using this tamplates you can improve your website loading speed.

6: - Minify HTML or CSS Code:
You compress your blog's html, css, javascript code. There are so many tools on the internet that you can use them But I'm telling you about a compress tool that lets you compress the code of your blog's htm, css. Use the html minifier.

7: - Use Fast Loading Template for Website:
It also depends on our Blog Website's Page Speed ​​loading time template. That's why you use the fast loading theme to fast pagespeed loading time of your blog website.

8: - Do not use more than Advertisement:
The code for the ads is javascript code. Which takes our time more time to load our site. You do not have much advertisements on your page.

9: - Use Google Pagespeed:
With the help of Google pagespeed tool, you can check pagespeed of your blog website. And you can also improve them. Every top blogger uses this tool to speed up the these are theTips to improve your blog or website loading  speed.if you like this article please share 
it to your friends and family thank you.

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